Hey everyone!


First off sorry I haven’t posted in quite a while I’ve just arrived back from overseas! So, what have I been upto? Well since my last blog exams are over, and results are in *sighs*, in a nutshell I passed, but there’s always room for improvement isn’t there? To be totally honest, I’ve just been chilling and enjoying family time. Its inter-semester break right now, so I’m enjoying the sleep-ins, the movie marathons and the countless hours of social media!


For the past 2 weeks, I’ve escaped the cold, wind and rain, to a tropical paradise. Ofc I’m talking about none other than the Kingdom of Tonga! From the white-sanded beaches to the all year round sunshine, what’s not to love about a tropical get-away, so in this blog I’ve decided to give you some insight into my home land Tonga!


Key Facts:

  1. The Kingdom of Tonga is the only remaining monarchy in the Pacific.
  2. Tonga has the highest per capita, number of PhD’s in the world
  3. The islands were named the Friendly island by Captain James Cook in 1773


Things to do in Tonga?

From relaxing to exploring and snorkelling, the Kingdom has everything to offer!


  • Snorkelling with whales
  • Tours around any of the major island groups
  • Literally tongan cuisine everywhere! You can’t miss it, everything from crops of the land (yams, Kumara, casava’s) to seafoods (clams, mussels) !
  • Diving for all skill levels , an opportunity to experience the rich sea life in Tonga!
  • Live traditional performances (even at the airport! Lol) , where everyone is encouraged to show off their dancing expertise!


So if you’re thinking about escaping this ugly weather to a island paradise, treat yourself and indulge in the tranquility and relaxing nature of the Pacific!


Since arriving back in NZ, the first thing I was greeted with, was a cold shudder through-out my body, and goosebumps all over my arms! Something only imaginable in the Pacific. On the plane ride back to Aotearoa! Strolling through my photos, I’m having the biggest withdrawals, somehow wishing I could have at least one more carefree, plan as you go, adventurous day! From being greeted in the early morning by the Sun, to sipping on coconuts and being surrounded by smiles and laughter constantly, this is and will be always apart of me, and I apart of it. No matter how many thousands of miles i may live away from my motherland. I will always be proud of being Tongan!
Until next time, ‘Ofa atu!