No one can really tell you how to plan for an exam, because everyones different. You might be the kind of person who needs to colour coordinate all their study notes, have minimal social interaction and revise each note carefully. Or, you might actually be better cramming it all in during study break, it’s really up to you. You’re study method is your study method.

Take me for instance. During the first half of the semester I was dedicated to my studies, though after I had a taste of freedom during break I began to be more relaxed about my studies. I tried to avoid it, made every excuse for myself when in reality it was due to my procrastination that I had to watch 2 weeks of lecture recordings, in 1 day !! I pushed myself so hard in the last month of classes… but this is how I study. My study method, is my study method. I fall behind a bit, but I pick myself up again and push back even harder. It’s honestly probably not a good idea to keep going like this in the future, but for now it’s working.

So now it’s finally time to see if this method of mine has worked. Tomorrow I have my very first university exam >>> Accounting<<< This exam is worth 60% of my grade, which kind of makes me feel like all the work I’ve done up till now was kind of pointless… Though, I guess if I didn’t do so much back than, studying now would be a lot harder. So I worked out a few tips for my future self in semester 2 exams, to help me prepare better:

-Do all the quizzes! It’ll help to be more prepared for the multi-choice questions.


  • Before

I’m currently sitting amongst a variety of people. There’s the ‘I crammed everything in yesterday and got 3 hours sleep’ people’ There’s the ‘I know I’m going to fail so I’m not even going to try’ people, and then there’s me. I’m apart of the majority that has been dreaming of past exam questions for the past week, and revising over each weeks notes trying to grow a photographic memory(which isn’t working so well.) To be honest, I’m scared. I think I’ve done my best to study, but no one really knows what exactly that they’re going to test us on. This is my accounting exam, and knowing I didn’t do so well in my mid-semester test I know I have to get pretty good marks if I want to dodge repeating this paper.

Nice choice of study method Awhi -_-



Most people say that if you feel good after an exam, it’s probably because you did pretty well… But I don’t feel so good.

1 down, 3 to go.