“Finally, the light at the end of misery”


This has been a somewhat accurate interpretation of how I have felt over the last month? I think , unable to comprehend the weird and the strange, overwhelmed at times by the unexpected. Recently it has been exam time (*sighs), where majority (including me) feel like its an awesome idea to cram the semesters worth of content into one or two days. However I’m on the home stretch with just a single exam to go, I’m so close, but yet feel so far away.


With exams comes the added pressure of others but none compares to the pressures of your inner self. The light at the end of this tunnel is now in sight and is just a grasp away. Through this first semester I have learnt heaps of things about myself that i never knew, and some things I perhaps needed to limit (always hanging at the food court haha). But over the last week a revolution hit me, I couldn’t read my own notes, or when i could it felt like i was a foreign movie without any subtitles! Weeks of work with little worth. I’m not going to lie throughout my whole schooling journey, i can truly say that University has been the toughest. However I believe that if we don’t test ourselves, we have no possible way of seeing or testing or capabilities or our limits. How would we possibly know what we could achieve, if we’re not willing to test ourselves and make mistakes.


If i had to reflect back upon the semester, and write down every mistake or failure I’ve encountered, I’d probably write enough to fill the rest of my blogs for the year, exaggeration? Nah not really. University is a funny place, there’s the warm, and friendly side of it. Where you’re welcomed by your faculty and others and it seems like it’s going well, then you enter a phase of “i’ve got this, what was i worrying about” , this is where you start to become familiar and believe you’ve got everything under control, then we move into our third phase “I’ll do it later, it’s easy anyways” this is where little tasks, that would be simple to complete, then and there, snowball into massive tasks, which prevent me from doing my favourite activities, sleep tbh.


Its incredible to think how many times I’ve casually caught a few Zzz’s during tutorials, lectures or even on the bus, worse thing is other people were watching lol. But that’s just the thing, at first you might be an insecure first year, conscious of what you look like or what you wear, but you soon relaise no one really gives any notice, I’d dare you to just wear the same clothes to uni for more than just one day and no one would be the wiser, hmmm speaking from past experience? I’ll leave you to make that final conclusion.