Whoa, its been a while but whats happening y’all….. Third week into the holidays and yes life is so good.  Actually I just got back from spending time with family in Tauranga. But most importantly I’ve been free from study and work 24 hours a day YAY!  Anyway I was supposed to blog just a few days after my last exam, which was like two weeks ago but I was too lazy to do anything (please don’t fire me Simon). But here’s the low down on how my exams went…

Um probably two out of the four exams I am pretty confident about. Those were the math and biology/chem exams, however the other two ( mechanics and my gen ed ) were not too good, I’m hoping just for a pass at best. The things that I learnt from my first university exams were; don’t over study and eliminate distractions. Very much the normal distractions such as facebook and instagram. I often found myself cramming so much information the nights before the exam and having barely any sleep. There was just so much content to take in, but I could’ve also organized my time better. And this was down to eliminating distractions. Facebook, is similar to a pretty girl. Once you see her, you just want to keep looking or in this case scrolling all the more, until you’re totally whipped and have found yourself on some totally irrelevant link about Lebron James’ daughters dogs profile page or something rather. So BREAK up with her (facebook) immediately….( just for 2 weeks or so)

Whats that you ask? Oh my holidays are awesome thanks, I’ve created a snapchat so add me peeps! (rvtu_Y3). Other than that here are some photos im going back to my movie marathon  and I will see you guys in semester 2. SEE YA!