Hey Peeps!


How we all doing? Whether you’re still enjoying your 2 week holiday break before the term starts, or whatever you’re doing, it’s probably better than what I am doing right now. Why? Well its the second day of the second semester and the brains already hurting lol. Turning up to my first lecture and realising that you don’t have a pen, is the worst thing ever. Contemplating daily whether I can be bothered, getting up and going to school. The constant struggle of a university student.


Well, how did my first semester go? I hear you ask? Well it was pretty average actually, yea I may make the excuses of it being a trial run? Or it was my first time so surely they could’ve cut me slack? However it the short period of 12 weeks, we had done what normal high schools cover over the entire year, and here I am doing it all over again for Semester 2! Am I crazy?, even I’m unsure about that one!


However hard or discomforting your situations are, the reward will be great. Throughout my first semester, I learnt many things and finally feel I have adjusted and settled in, kind of found where I fit in this massive community. So, what are my goals for Semester 2? Well obviously pass all my papers this semester, not just pass however but get good marks (C’s get degrees? lol)


Right now, I’m sitting in one of the computer labs, writing this in the midst’s of all my books and papers, gone are the times, when I would lounge around and sip on coconuts and enjoy the breeze, (incase you haven’t read my previous blogs, I spent majority of my holiday in Tonga). Gone are the carefree days, gone are the sleep-ins and late night movie sessions, btw my sleeping pattern has been literally destroyed. If you see me, you’ll probably see my bags underneath my eyes, more than anything else.


Also the annoying thing about Auckland is the changing climate, with the saying “4 seasons in one day” and it’s literally true, especially if you live far. This happened to me, yesterday, it was sunny when i woke up, so i decided I wouldn’t need my jacked, nek minit its pouring with rain once I reach Uni ~ lifes struggles to greater rewards.


So throughout this madness, it is the life’s struggles which contribute to the development of my character, it is the life’s struggles which build my knowledge, and give me strength and inspiration for the many, many challenges that lie ahead!