(My cute fams)

I’m a 10 year old girl who likes cakes and biscuits, so I decide cooking is my thing.

A few years later I start to get good at karate, so I consider that the police corp is for me.

Than I was a year 13 girl, with no more dreams and aspirations. Wondering if I’ll ever know what I want to do with my life. Uni admission season came around, and I had to make something up quickly.


(me with my prefect girls at the nghs 2015 ball)

So the universities began coming, trying to convince everyone that we should go to their uni. I attended the Waikato, Victoria and Massey discussions. And honestly, I was almost set on Massey (being so close to home.) That was until Simon came to school. Simon is one of UOA’s uni advisors, and probably one of the best, because he’s the one who convinced me that UOA isn’t as scary as people think. I guess it was the way he had explained social life, Maori support and degree planning that made me so interested. So that day I made the last minute decision to pick up my study and get into this uni. But than I had to tell Dad… which is an entirely different story.

So commerce was always something my Dad wanted me to do if I were to study, because it’s such a broad degree that will get you in the door of any job. See my Dads mind is stuck in the future, and in his future he doesn’t see many job opportunities for students. Whereas I saw my future making 6 figures, working as the CEO of a big business (a dream probably everyone has.) I knew my Dad was somewhat right, but I didn’t know if commerce was for me. I was doing alright in accounting and economics, but I didn’t exactly see myself continuing those subjects for the next 3 years of my life. But than I saw that in UOA’s business school, they offered BCOM and BPROP. BPROP? A Bachelor in Property. Immediately assuming that this was a degree to train Real Estate agents it didn’t look appealing to me. But I starting reading the papers you do.

  • Property Law
  • Māori Land Issues
  • Advanced Property Management
  • Property Valuation

Property Courses

Than all of a sudden, I thought this degree wasn’t so shabby after all.

A little further down the track I was offered to travel to UOA with a bunch of other students in my area for ‘Whaia Te Pai Tawhiti’. It was basically an all expenses paid trip to UOA for the week, to experience Auckland  life and look further into what we might study. Because I couldn’t attend the open day, this was an awesome opportunity to let me look around. I saw the amazing business school, huge lecture rooms, loads of buildings and such a diverse community. All of a sudden, I could see myself being a city girl for the next 3 years.


(My Whaia Te Pai squad)

By February 2016 I had a student loan, a tertiary overdraft, admission into the BPROP course and a lot of hopes and dreams.

And than it began.

Before I knew it I was in a brand new school, attending lectures with 450 other people and walking through a city to get to class. I went a little bit o week crazy at the beginning, but by week 3 I was enriched in the UOA culture.

I have to say, at no point in my life have I ever regretted choosing UOA.