Training has been heating up as Hawaii gets closer and closer. We now do two night paddles a week on Mondays and Wednesdays and also our longer paddle every Saturday morning. All of us are also trying to hit the gym as much as possible between lectures in order to get our fitness up. The Queen Lili’uokalani race we are competing in is around 30 km long so it is important to all of us we can last the distance!

At a particularly memorable training the other week all eight of us showed up for a night paddle. This was the first time getting the whole team together for a training and so we took two wakas out that night. Unfortunately, one of the waka’s ama’s was detaching so we had to pull over at Kohimarama Beach. In order to not let the training go to waste we organised an impromptu beach fitness work out, with sprints, push ups, burpees and pistons.

Trying to relash the ama on the waka

Trying to re lash the ama on the waka

Our feet were getting very cold on the sand so we started to paddle back to Okahu Bay to finish up. On the way back out of nowhere a fish jumped into one of the wakas! As we continued on after the fish jumping incident all of a sudden the rain hit us. It was absolutely pouring down and was difficult to see and paddle, however there was no wind at all and the sea was flat so it could have been a lot worse.

That training was actually a really great bonding experience (despite the broken waka and rain storm incidents!) for all of us and now more than ever we all can’t wait until we head to Hawaii.

Waka 2

The team after our beach fitness training showing off the muscles

And now to introduce my next two team mates!

1. Name: Te Wera Hauraki Mihaere
Degree: Third year Civil and Environmental Engineering
From: Nelson, New Zealand
When did you start paddling? 9 years ago in 2007
What are you looking forward to the most in Hawaii? Other than a tan, hopefully success! It just feels good to have won such an awesome experience.

2. Name: Shantelle Peters
Degree: Second year Electrical Engineering
From: Samoa
When did you start paddling? I started Waka Ama three years ago for the Engineering Waka Ama team.
How does it feel to win the University’s Waka Ama event and travel to Hawaii? There’s a 10/10 level of being stoked and then there’s me sitting on top of that. Super proud!

Here is also some new training footage of the team wearing our new shirts. Please check it out.

Until the next time,