It seems every time I write one of these blogs I make a passing remark about how quick the semester has gone by and this is no exception! Genuinely unsure how its the last week of the the first half of the final semester which means my first year at University is 3/4 done?!

I guess this week has gone by so fast not only because your academic life is so much busier but because all aspects of your life are busier.

I’m in a new city with so many new places to explore most of which I am managing to tick off my list but all the time I keep finding new things that add to my list! Plus you’ve made heaps of new friends and it takes a lot of time out spending time with them and all of your old friends from home!

Basically the adventures beckoning me to not study are never ending so when I do take a study break I try to spend my time doing something exciting rather than just chilling in my room (I’m not one for chilling out but thats just me). Personally this is one of the best pieces of advice I can offer to someone struggling to stay motivated- plan exciting adventures! That way you have something to look forward to, and you won’t even feel guilty because you won’t be wasting your time!

What I would recommend so that you manage your time well is make notes! I make a lot of notes and a lot of lists. I key in dates of assessments, when I want to finish things, when I have upcoming events on my calendar. I make weekly to do lists of what I want to complete and I make lists of my weaknesses. These are so helpful and they really help me see exactly what I need to do. They also make me feel way more on top of things, on paper everything seems way less scary.

Over the last two weeks aside from writing an essay on the biomedical and social models of health and learning a lot about human body systems (thanks medsci) I have managed to=

  • Go to the best dessert place (seriously good but seriously unhealthy so maybe limit this activity)
  • Go to the Winter Gardens in the Domain which is so close to Uni Hall and on my running track- so good if you want to get a break from city buildings
  • Have a picnic in Albert Park in the sunshine
  • Go to Mission Bay and Archilles Point! For those who like the outdoors this is a MUST! views are amazing
  • Go swimming at Mission Bay on Friday (yes it was cold and yes people thought we were crazy)
  • Run to Mission Bay (13km training for a half marathon!)
  • Run along Mission Bay and to the Parnell French Markets to eat a lot of food and then walk back (I like sports and I love food and these markets have so much nice food)
  • Watch a lot of the Olympics (absolutely love how inspiring they are)

(Note I have been struggling for so long to upload photos and it still won’t let me so next time I will upload a lot of photos of all of these events)