With the mid-semester break approaching, this marks the ushering in of the month which is full of due assignments! Unfortunately, every subject has a schedule to keep. This schedule often means that assignments fall into the same time period. Don’t stress, everybody else at Uni has the exact same problem.

Once mid-semester break is over you’ll notice the general deterioration of the people around you, as well as the increased coffee consumption. Coffee seems to be the choice of most struggling to get all of their assignments done, though I’ve noticed that energy drinks like red bull and V are common favourites.


  • Don’t procrastinate. Start your assignments as soon as you can.
  • Study for your tests, you never know when that extra 10% or even 1% can come in handy
  • Note what is going to take you the longest and start that first. Also, note what is going to be due first and make sure that you can meet the deadline.
  • Don’t trust turnitin to create your assignment page on the day. Always print it 2-3 days before, just because sometimes technology is unkind.
  • Keep an eye on your class facebook page. Sometimes members of your class will write something insightful. However, more commonly, they’re going to remind you when things are due.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions to your lecturer, whether in class or over email. No question is a dumb question.

With the above in mind you should be able to write your assignments coherently and with the least amount of stress. However, we’re uni students and this is almost never the case.

THE TRUTH: That one friend (you know the one) is going to invite you out partying over the mid-semester break. You should go. I know you probably promised yourself you would catch up on everything that needs to be caught up on and that you would study really hard for the upcoming tests and assignments but… Uni just finished, give yourself some time to have some fun.

THE TRUTH: You didn’t even need to read the above to go out and have fun. You know that one friend? You are that one friend. Everyone at uni is that one friend in some shape or form. If you’re not sleeping, then you’re living, and that’s a good thing. Embrace being that one friend.

SIDENOTE: I signed up at the uni gym and was actually surprised. 1) The facilities are good 2) There are so many people that go! It’s been packed. Also, the price is decent. I figured since I spend 5 days a week at uni anyway that it would make more sense to just go to the gym while I was there, rather than staying close to home. There’s even a room that’s for women only, which I thought was a good idea (considering the boys always hog the weights. Always. All the time. Every gym. This is science).

ABSTRACT SIDE NOTE: Brought some flowers for my gal pals across from one tree hill and they’re so pretty. Happy.

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