Hey peeps!


It’s been quite a week! A crazy week in fact! Filled with assignments, quizzes and a mid-semester test! Living with literally no sleep and drinking endless amounts of coffee, i might as well have it running through my veins! If you haven’t already, I’ve literally been up either studying or doing my assignments, where it’s gotten to a point , where I’m thinking that they get their satisfaction from having multiple assignments due within hours of each other on the same day lol.


Anyways aside from my mini rant, the fun is just beginning, with another assignment due Friday and a mid semester test on Thursday, there’s no time for sleeping it’s back on the grind *rolls eyes lol. Well enough of uninteresting life stories, in other interesting news, the annual Courses and Careers day is in a week’s time! This is the best opportunity to come and see what university life is all about (tbh it’s better than this blog) but anyways let me try to entice you into reasons why I think it’s beneficial to come along and experience Courses and Careers Day!


  1. You’ll be rubbing shoulders, with NZ’s future doctors, lawyers, accountants, entrepreneurs , members of parliament and even our future prime minister! Constantly i’m trying to find new ways to interact with others , as my fellow classmates and those sitting next to me in lectures will be the professionals of tomorrow’s workforce.


  1. There’s something for everyone, there’s seminars, sessions, stalls everything you can imagine, got a passion and desire to study a particular subject, become someone great! Well courses and careers day, is your first step!


  1. It’ll be easier to get a job! Yes i already hear those of you who say “what about job experience” , but i assure you, that a university qualification, from NZ’s top university will help you find that dream job, where you would otherwise not have been so fortunate.


  1. It’s great fun! Lastly it’s a day filled with curiosity, laughter and smiles all round. With heaps of free stuff, giveaways, competitions etc. There’s always something to gain and nothing to lose


On a more personal note, courses and careers day, helped me to confirm that commerce and property was something I really wanted to study.

Also from 10:20 am in OGGB 5 you can catch myself and other bloggers at Careers and courses day!