There is officially zero days left to go until take off! The engineering waka ama team has battled through the training these past five months and finally reached the time we’ve all been waiting for.

Okahu Bay evening training session

Okahu Bay evening training session

Recently we have dwindled down our training in order not to tire ourselves out for the big day. However at our last big Saturday training we did manage to do a 30 km paddle. It was really tough going at about the half way mark. Definitely a mental battle, but once we managed to get over the middle stretch we made our way home, very grateful to get there! This gave us a little taste of how tough it Is going to be in Hawaii, doubly so with the added heat and humidity over there.

Training route

Our 30 km training route around Waitemata Harbour

Just tonight we had the team paddlers farewell and blessing at the university. It was great to get the university, whanau and friends involved in our farewell. The support we have been given has been amazing and that evening definitely proved it.


The team at the paddlers blessing and farewell at the university

Any way time to introduce our last team mate and coach!

Name: Nona Taute
Degree: Third year of Civil and Environmental Engineering
From: Rotorua, New Zealand
How long have you been paddling? For 15 years
What do you hope to get out of the trip to Hawaii? Good memories, new experiences and a gold medal

Nona has paddled for New Zealand at World competitions along with fellow paddler Georgia Naera, so they are both awesome additions to the team!

2. And finally our coach!
Name: Leki Funaki
Degree: Completed MEngSt (Hons), BE Civil
From: Tonga, but I now live in Auckland
When did you start paddling? Since 2000 when I was an engineering student at Auckland University
What are you looking forward to the most about the trip? The experience and the team learning more paddling skills

Watch this space for an update on Hawaii when we are over there!

Thanks for all of the love and support,