It’s that time of year…

Just as I thought I had saved up enough money for that new pair of shoes I’ve been wanting I am back to square one all over again. This predicament can be summed up in two words :


I am not usually into dressing up and going out so a Formal Dinner/ Ball is definitely a BIG NO! I went to a small school so we never had our own school ball and the only other Ball I had attended was for a friend whose date pulled out 30 minutes before the ball started, so as you could imagine with 30 minutes to get ready I literally looked like it! From that night onward I promised myself I would never put my self in that awkwardly embarrassing position ever again.

One year later and here I am.


It took a lot to sway my mind into going to the Grafton and Huia Ball but a big reason was my staunch Grafton Spirit. I am all about being committed to the hall spirit and I feel like I would be missing out if I didn’t go. Especially because I have applied to be a Residential Adviser for next year so I need to show participation in Hall events (not that I don’t do it anyway) so I concluded in putting my pride aside for an eventful night out with the Grafton Whanau!


Planning for a Ball, believe it or not, can be a long process! Unfortunately I am speaking from experience so let me share my journey with you…

Step 1: Finding a Dress 

So obviously being a female I am expected to wear a dress. Most girls go all out and buy three different flash dresses so they can chose one. Unfortunately I don’t even own a dress and buying three is not in my price range nor is it sensible because the likelihood of me going to another ball is not likely. So I figured I will need a dress for a corporate dinner I have to go to the following week so BARGAIN SHOPPING for a simple cheap dress is my solution! So an hour later I’ve bought a $20 dress that will do the job!; 13933520_956349901142808_1696850873_n

Step 2: Finding a Date

To be fair this should have been step one because once I had bought my dress I then asked my boyfriend to the ball with me and he said no so this big drama happened and I didn’t want to go. But anyway I thought there were some fine young bachelors in the hall, surely one would go with me right? WRONG! It was like finding a needle in a hay stack and I never quite found the needle. All the boys had the idea of going single to the ball so then coming back well not single… Stupid idea because it didn’t work anyway… Not sure why because they were looking sharp!


Thank God my boyfriend pulled through in the end.

Step 3: Nails

LOL Ball is expensive enough without getting my nails done…!

Step 4: Hair

A year ago I made the dumb decision of cutting my hair off so the plan was just to tie it up…. Lucky enough I live in a hall where girls are ready and willing to help out!

Step 5: 

Make Up! So while many girls went to a professional and paid I waited till an hour before the ball walked into one of the girls room and BAM my very own professional ready and waiting with her Anastasia Beverly Hills eyebrow stuff that is stupidly expensive!!! God is Good!

So after everything had fell into place I was in for a good night!!!