Well its week 4 of Semester two and boy has time flied! I back in Business (literally because I changed degrees) and ready to pump out another semester but what better way to do it than a bit of friendly competition?!

That’s right Inter Residential sports is keeping me busy. There is no better way to take my mind off the stressful stuff than a good day of sport. For those of you who are unaware I am the most passionate Resident in Grafton Hall and I take pride in it. After all, it is the last official year before the building is knocked down so I want Grafton to go out with a bang! #GRAFTON GIRAFFES


Meet Chloe the R.A/ Nurse / Giraffe

Back on track… We are a less populated hall compared with the rest but although we are small our hearts are huge, and our arms 😉 lol and there is no question that we are the best. So the day of inter residential Futsal came around pretty quick and Futsal being being not the most popular sport we had no Futsal specific experienced players so it ended up being the inter residential soccer team plus Ella. Now according to gossip which I don’t always believe to be true our soccer team was not the best so lets just say we were the UNDER DOGS  in this tournament (assuming we weren’t already underdogs because we have so little residents to make a team from).


Meet Grafton.

As our unpracticed, voluntary, hopeful team heads off on a Thursday morning to the University Rec Center  we have one thing in mind…. Winning. We kinda just guessed what we were doing and went with it, well I certainly did. As I bravely took the bright orange bib which certified that I was the person to kick the ball at as hard as you can if you want to score a goal I thought to myself  “you is smart, you is kind, you is important and you is gonna stop every ball flying towards your goal”. Oh did I mention O’Rorke?


Meet O’Rorke.

The day was going fabulous. We had not lost a game yet! Then along came O’Rorke. We had already qualified for finals the following day by remaining undefeated but that didn’t really mean anything to us if we lost to O’Rorke. Let me just fill you in on a little history lesson…. The start of the years waka ama comp we lost our first heat to O’Rorke AND we came second to them in inter res touch finals!! Grrrr There is nothing more frustrating!

So here was our little inexperienced Futsal team about to take on the big guns!13626342_10154410995371204_7513537581814951267_n

Yup that’s me in the cool orange goalie bib about to take some hard hits!

So as it turns out after an extremely intense game, we didn’t beat O’Rorke. I mean we still had to play them in the final for first place place but once again we lost them too. We were out numbered by supporters, out experienced and plain out of luck.

However on the brighter side after receiving an email with the tournament results…. (if you can read the blurry screen shot).g I think we can say we are also first place winners not just at heart! lol