There are several things in my life that are changing at the moment, bringing with them a little frustration and difficulty. I’d like to point out in advance that although these changes are minor and non-life-threatening, they are the only remotely dramatic things occurring in my low-key uni life right now, and thus they are providing the blog inspiration for what has been quite an uneventful couple of weeks. 🙂

The first change in my life has been caused by the devastating deaths of two different pairs of shoes. I am a small person, my shoes are small and always have been, hence I usually wear a pair of shoes until they are completely worn out. Over time I can become quite attached- hence my despair. Where does one find good life-proof shoes these days anyway?

Please enjoy these eulogies in remembrance of my shoes that once were:

Pair #1. My wonderful brown boots. Inherited from my mother (yay we have the same size feet!), but unfortunately passed away while I was in Christchurch in the holidays. I only noticed the top of the shoe had completely come off when we had torrential rain and decided to go for a walk- leaving me and the shoe a little wrecked! But me and these shoes had some great times, brown boots go well with uni life and it’s proving very hard to find a new pair that don’t let the rain in (sob!).

Pair #2. My beloved running spikes. We had Auckland championships for cross country in the weekend (6km in the pouring rain with a good depth of mud on all stages of the track). My trusty spikes made it through the whole race, but at the end I found a hole in the side of them </3. I’ve decided to stitch them up in the hope they last until nationals.


With the loss of my shoes behind me, I’ve had to move my life in a completely different direction, and embrace the world of computer programming. ENGGEN 131 is a compulsory engineering Part 1 paper taken in semester 2 that teaches students the basics of computer programming. The sad thing is, most of the boys in engineering have already learned these techniques and are busy writing websites etc., while people like myself are still trying to grasp writing functions on Matlab.

Being at a disadvantage is not something anyone likes, but it’s made me work hard at learning the initial concepts and practicing them. I’ve actually found that programming is quite intuitive, and not as intense as I thought. I am struggling a little bit with remembering all the commands, but I’m sure it will get better with practice.

Here’s to moving on with life in a different direction!

-Grace 🙂