There’s nothing more daunting than a blank page staring back at you. Scratch that, there’s nothing more daunting than looking at a blank page knowing you have to fill it – and then some. It’s times like these where words like ‘coherency’ and ‘fluidity’ seem like something I was taught once, in a dream perhaps. What ‘times’ am I referring to? Times when things are due, and when you’re staying awake all night to get those things done.

A fun fact: I’ve never been someone who can manage my time.

Another fun fact: I actually enjoy finishing things in a small time frame.

Last fun fact: The two facts above working together are pretty much a disaster – but a disaster that works for me.

The second semester of uni has started and I’ve already handed in an assignment and pulled a bit of an all nighter. I use the term ‘bit’ as it doesn’t really count since I finished before 1am! (Uni students will understand why this is a great time to finish).

It’s at this point in the semester when you’ve solidified your views on the course and the teacher. Who’s good, who’s bad and who’s plain lost (dramatic effect, no lecturer I’ve met has been outright lost – yet).

Like me, you might be struggling to wake up early for what you consider to be mediocre. My advice? Well, my honest advice is that I am in no position to give good advice! I honestly believe that showing up is the best thing you could possibly do for yourself. Does this honest belief actually get me up every morning to every class? Absolutely not! I think what I’m trying to say here is don’t get down on yourself if you’re not perfect. If you need sleep, sleep. If you only want to hand something in and don’t want to go to three hour’s worth of lectures, don’t. This doesn’t mean don’t bother coming at all. It means to pick and choose your battles.

Note: It’s never nice to play catch up, but you can always catch up! (A comforting thought)


  • If you didn’t enrol in a full year of classes in semester one you have to do your AT hop card again. H A S S L E.
  • With that being said, you should enrol in a year’s worth of classes in semester one. You can always change them later. If you can’t get into the class you want, go and see someone.
  • Winter never ceases in Auckland. Always have an umbrella.
  • If you’re doing a BA, each department has a different writing and referencing style. Always make sure to check which style your paper uses!
  • Frank Ocean’s album is never coming out, don’t get your hopes up.
  • Always check your email, lots of useful stuff always appears