Hey peeps!


So now we’re back into the swing of things, and the holidays are a thing of the past. With it being week 2 of the semester, my to – do is slowly but steadily increasing, but my thoughts are most certainly fixed upon the weekend! Also talk about the weather! Definitely 4 seasons in one day, and instead of being safely inside and keeping warm, I’m catching the bus in the early hours of the morning and tackling the wind and rain head on!


So hows this semester been so far? Well generally, week 1 is more concerned with the admin side of things, not so much content, there’s no tutorials which is a bonus. However this week it’s all systems go! In between trying to have a social life and juggling upcoming assignments, studying lecture material, I’m starting to think a job at maccas isn’t such a bad idea after all! HAHAHA JUST JOKING! Hopefully it doesn’t come to that! So what am i studying? I just realised I haven’t mentioned my degree lol, well I’m studying a Bachelors of Commerce and Bachelors of Property conjoint, majoring in Accounting and Economics, specialising in Property! I know it’s quite a mouthful, but isn’t in life?


Recently I’ve learnt from my mistakes in semester 1 and started to plan out my weeks, and what I’m going to do or study, and plan out times where I’ll just chill and be a normal human being! Also what I’ve learnt and its seems so obvious but it is to start your assignments early! The earlier the better, there’s less stress and also you have more time to give your work to lecturers, tutors for feedback and improvement! Which is a bonus!


Studying at uni, isn’t just about passing, it’s technically your passport to the world, a uni qualification opens numerous doors, which would remain shut without it! The famous saying goes “C’s get degrees” but “A’s get jobs!” , I guess what I’m trying to say is don’t settle for the bare minimum or just to pass, just scrape in or get that Achieved! Aim for greater, pursue for the best! Seems ironic because I blogged a couple of weeks back about study tips and no i need them myself lol


In the end, yes it’s a massive sacrifice upon your family, and your social life, however in the great scheme of things, it’s only 12 weeks! And at the end of it all the hard work would’ve paid off and additionally you get 2 months break over summer! Hallelujah! In all my years on earth, I’ve never been so excited for summer! Like literally, my favourite time of the year!