Whoa it’s already the end of the third week of uni. Man time goes so fast, anyway semester 2 I’m finding so far  apart from my two 8 o clock classes a week is a lot more chilled compared to semester one. Firstly because we don’t have weekly assignments and the 1 percent peer assessments, like we did last sem. Secondly though I quite enjoy the courses I’m taking. Electrical, chemical materials, and design are all pretty sweet and not to difficult. You maybe asking hey are you only taking three papers? my answer; nope I have purposely left one out, and that is the software paper or 131. This is the only paper I find the hardest and most confusing. I absolutely dread this course. If you’re anything like me I HATE computers. I’m just so clueless, and really bad with that kind of computer coding, software kind of jazz (*ughh)
Also my two 8 o clock classes are just… Just… Bruhhhhhhhhhhhh, why would you have a class at 8 for crying out loud, it’s ridiculous. Annndd it’s on the two worst days of the week Monday and Friday. I mean I shouldn’t be complaining I live at the halls. My mates have to wake up like at 5-5;30. Me I can wake up at like 7:30. Shout out to all those who do don’t live at the uni residences you guys  are the real MVP’s.
But in other more I guess sad news, if you were hooked by my title, then yeah, sooo my grades from last semester didn’t quite go as well as I had expected, I passed everything but just not up to the standard of my scholarship requirements. As a result my scholarship has been put on hold, and now I will have to fund my own studies for the semester. And that also means I will have to fund my own accommodation here at Whitaker halls. As I am not able to do this I’m probably going to move out of the halls back home out in east Auckland. Geez that sounded like a formal letter or something. But yeah I’m pretty down at the moment. But I guess this is just a learning curve for me. A test to see how I will bounce back from this low, an indication that if I want to get top grades and retain my scholarship I need to work smarter. This should make for some inspirational blogging by me so be sure to keep tuning in as I look to trudge along from this setback. Bye Whitaker you’ve been awesome!
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