Hey Homies,

If you missed out on Courses and Careers Day have no fear! What follows is the Auckland Uni open day experience from the mind of a lyrical genius. I present a super cheesy, rhyming extravaganza about my Courses and Careers Day last year. (On a side note: As it’s the first week of semester my motivation levels are super low, so it’s time to reuse something I wrote when applying to be a blogger.)


Shut the car door and pull out of the gate

Pedal to the metal we don’t want to be late

The time on the brochure says be there by eight

Because the 27th of August is an important date


Heading down the road, finally on our way

To the big smoke from little Central Hawkes Bay

Turn to mum and I hear her say

Are you excited for ‘Courses and Careers Day’ ?


Time to see if the stories I’ve heard

And the blogs I’ve read on the Inside Word

Are full of lies or honesty

About Auckland University


Get into the city and the traffic is stuck

But it seems for once we are in luck

Grafton Bridge is open for today

So we sneak across it and are on our way


Now we cruise down Symmonds Street

But finding the parking is quite a feat

Where could the building possibly be

Around the corner and I finally see


The Owen G Glen Building is on the right

It is a very welcome sight

Drive under the barrier and pay the fee

And we found a park…eventually


Now we’ve managed to park our ride

We get some help from a uni guide

Thanks to the people dressed in blue

Without them I don’t know what we’d do


We make it to the lecture for Biomed

But we’ll have to go to the afternoon one instead

It seems its already full to the brim

The lecture theatre’s at its maximum


We check out some of the other degrees

Like Engineering and Business Studies

All the buildings are nice and new

And I really like the campus too


We look at all the clubs to enter

And nose around the recreation centre

There’s so many places left to view

The library and the bookstore to name a few


Mums says its time for a break

She needs a coffee to keep her awake

Then its time to visit a hall

I may be living here after all


Huia’s the first one on the list

After a tour we get the gist

If you want you can cook your own food

And the place has a nice family mood


Next its off to good old O’Rorke

About this hall I’ve heard a lot of talk

Theres an outdoor court for volleyball

But I know this one is not my hall


Then to Grafton is where we head

The rooms are alright with a decent sized bed

But this one isn’t right for me

Perhaps the next one we shall see


The orange towers stand proud and tall

We’ve made it to University hall

After we’ve had a bit of a roam

I know this place will be my home


Now back to OGGB we must hurriedly go

You’ve got to be early we now know

The lecture promises to be pretty neat

It this time we can get a seat


Doors are open and in we head

But soon we realise this is accounting instead

The talk we want is after this

At least this time we cannot miss


Before long the talk we want begins

Everyone in the room keenly listens

To the lecture about options like Pharmacy

Nursing or even Optometry


Next he talks about my dream

Which is harder to achieve than it might seem

I want to be a doctor one day

But to get there I’ve got a long way


After looking around the place

I have a big smile on my face

This is where I want to be

Auckland University is for me.

Till next time, stay inquisitive