This morning was the beginning of many for the past week. I didn’t have to set an alarm, didn’t have to worry about packing my bag or making lunch. FREEDOM!! Until work at 3 of course…. With Spring finally here, I was able to get in a bit of sunshine which was a big change from the extended rain storm we’ve been experiencing in Auckland. A change of tide meant a change of mood, so I did something that most first year students won’t be able to say, I BROUGHT MY FIRST CAR! I probably shouldn’t be so early to reward myself, but I had the money and I did it and no regrets. I’m a student who is lucky enough to have the chance to balance a job and study, so why not?


(My 98′ Toyota Duet)

$1700 + $150 rego + $40 keys cut + $50 gas later, I was finally able to hit the road!

Before I explain to you the story of how my car first broke down, let me first say that I do not know a single thing about cars. Honestly, I don’t even know how to put gas in! The first time I drove it I told my boyfriend “I think the cars broken, there’s a blue light on on my dashboard”. The blue light that ended up being the high beam I was using all day. Even worse, I parked up and asked him again “There’s a red light on on my dashboard now”. The red light that signals that your hand break is up…

So let me now tell you about my breakdown.

I am about to leave for work and my car doesn’t turn on. Awesome. Straight away I think that I’ve bought a dud car. Though, with Mum to the rescue she jumped started me and I was on my way…. Not quite. I almost made it to the end of the drive before my entire car shuts off. After Mum finishes laughing at me, I call work telling them I won’t be able to make it in and we pop the bonnet to find that the terminals on the battery are loose. Easy fix, so we tightened them and my car started again. Hallelujah!

14182206_10206578774342329_166748410_n                     14248774_10206578774382330_739377058_n-1
(Quick stop at the beach after my ca gets fixed)

But still, the problem did not stop there. I went to Hahei the weekend later and my car did the same thing! Lucky enough I had some help 🙂

Driving I admit is fun. You can go anywhere you want, whenever you want (a freedom that most students can’t say these days). But it’s a luxury I have learnt to not take advantage of. I’ve already visited my friends across the city, been to kmart at 11pm at night and got maccas for breakfast twice. Although gas is awesome in my little car, it adds up. $50 on gas as well as the impulsive buys along the way or the little things that’ll need fixing, it’s not cheap. Therefore, I have reverted back to my Hop card and I’ve jumped back on the train. I love my little Duey, but I’ll be keeping her for weekend trips and maccas craves only! Lol