So not so long ago I was lucky enough to have my long distance relationship, turn into an everyday one. My boyfriend decided to up his game, and move in with me!! Ever since my friends have asked me ‘how is it living with your boyfriend?’ ‘does he annoy you more now?’ But I don’t have any issues yet. If anything I have more than I need now. He’s very supportive, buys me maccas when I need it and (was) my own personal taxi 🙂 So if anyone out there is juggling the idea of a relationship verses uni life, why not live the best of both worlds? Sometimes having that personal support there behind you, can mean the difference between a B- and a B+.

Here a few moments I’ve appreciated his comfort …

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Living in your own place in Auckland has its perks, but there’s also the down sides. Everyday this week I’ve had to get up at 8am to catch the 8:30 train fro my 10am class. That might sound okay, but with work from 6-10pm my day drags. How do I get through this? Goal setting. Lol sounds simple but it’s how I coup while commenting. After I think about my whanau, the house I want to buy one day and the job I want to have it pushes me more. That is until until through you a curve ball, and all perspectives on uni life goes backwards….


I feel like Bradley Cooper from the cast of Hangover

Occasionally in University, they’ll throw you a curveball and make you work in a team for an assignment. For some lucky buggers this is a good thing. You can slack off and let others do the work for you. But not cool for the ones who are doing the work for you. Long story short, I’ve have experienced the ‘not so cool’ side of this experience, and can honestly say that I have completed all the work for my group assignment.

So I’m taking a paper called Information Systems 110, (a core paper for commerce and property) which is basically about taking systems and processes in a business and explaining them. In your first assignment they will put you in a group of 3 from your tutorial groups to work together on a group assignment. This assignment is basically based on your having to find a problem in the world, and making a solution for it using technology. After some discussion my group decided to use the idea of the lack of food in NZ homes, and our solution was making an interactive food bank which tracked your donation to it’s region. It was an awesome idea! Yeah, until I had to do all the work for it. If any of you out there come around to do do a commerce or property degree and you sit this paper, you will come to understand that this assignment is a breeze. If you all participate great you’ll be rewarded for it.
Little do they know that there’s a peer evaluation after the assignment is finished….

If anyone is out there reading this little rant, I have a few key tips for you.

  1. Get to know your group quickly. Add them on FB, talk heaps and start your assignment straight away! Otherwise your group will soon fall apart, and you’ll be left with a D-, or doing all the work yourself at the last minute.
  2. Choose an easy topic. Something you can google and results easy.
  3. Determine the strengths in your group, than delicate accordingly.

I hope my rant wasn’t too much this time around  Till next time fams.