I have never really had a real job before! Being a blogger and sorting mail a few nights a week is as about as good as it ever got for me but I have this huge passion to be an R.A.

For those who don’t know “R.A” stands for a Resident Adviser and they work in the Halls of Residence and University Flats and Apartments. Their job involves organisation of activities, seeing that all rules are being adhered to within the accommodation, being there to support the residence and building a safe and happy community.

When I was at boarding school I was a prefect which meant I had be in charge of work groups stay in the juniors dorms to make sure they were behaving, be a positive role model and generally make sure things were running smoothly. So when I look at the Job of an R.A its really isn’t much different to what I have done in the past.

The reason I am really passionate about this job though is because I have had such an awesome time living in Grafton Hall and I love the community on my floor! I would just really love to give back an make the time living in the Halls just as great as mine for someone else! It would be extremely rewarding!

Well anyway I was freaking out because after I sent through my CV I was emailed back to go for an interview!!!


I have never had an interview like this before! I felt a lot of pressure because I am worried about accommodation for next year and don’t know where to stay or if I can afford it so this interview is pretty crucial! I was scared about what it would be like and even worse what is appropriate to wear! I am a pretty casual person so dressing up is hard for me, I was always use to just putting on my school uniform if there was anything formal I had to attend! I thought I was safe with a black skirt and white top but then it was cold and I needed a jacket! Next thing I know I look in a mirror and think Oh WOW looks like I’m off for a funeral! lol


So off I head with trusty old Google maps to find our location. I didn’t know where to go once I got there and was so nervous I didn’t even see the gate open to access the reception door! Anyway I am the first one there because i left like half an hour early just in case I would be late!

First there is a group interview followed by individual interviews. Along comes a guy looking really familiar which turns out I knew him from a Maori Association event which was earlier in the year so I am feeling more comfortable. Next turns up one of my old school mates from way back in our tiny school – what a small world! So by now I am feeling more comfortable.

We now all head down for the group task where we are all on the middle table and the interviewers surround us like hawks with a pen and paper writing down and watching everything that goes on. I think it went okay though. We had to build a tower out of materials all self instructed and timed. I think the idea was to see how people work in a team. I was happy with our end result. We called it the Fly Tower!


Next up was my individual interview. I sat in a nice comfy couch/chair with the three interviewers all sitting around in front of me staring. They didn’t give off any kind of vibes and I was freaking out! They started giving me questions and situations and I was sitting there stuttering and umming and probably talking so fast it didn’t make sense! It was almost as though I was being interrogated but I tried to keep my cool and answer the question as honestly and best that I could even though it was very uncomfortable.

I am hoping they liked me though they didn’t really let off much emotion besides a few encouraging smiles. The experience was definitely different and very serious but I think even if I am unsuccessful it was a learning process. I was told by another person
I got the hardest most serious interview panel so I am praying they were like that with everyone!

I did very enjoy the opportunity though and am looking forward to the out come!