Okay so I have decided its time to really get real about what its like juggling a relationship with University!

It is exactly that “juggling” think of you as the clown and your life is a Circus, metaphorically of course you’re not a clown although Uni is a bit of a circus at times. But when I came to university I had huge expectations on me to do well, I wanted to live a routine life and just get out and meet as many people and make as many friends as I possibly could. It was great for the first week but then I met my boyfriend….

You don’t really expect to come to University and jump in a relationship straight away but I guess I was kinda taken by the whole idea, especially with it being a time of new beginnings and whatnot. So here I go at 100 kph diving into a relationship. I had just moved to a huge new city been hit with tonnes of expectations, heaps of spare time to study and a lot of work to be done but to add the cherry on top I now find myself in a relationship. SAY GOOD BYE TO THOSE COOL¬†FRIENDS YOU JUST MADE…


We were in two of the same classes so I thought that maybe it was good thing, like we could work together and study and go to the gym together and play sports, do kapahaka and all that other stuff that happens in your dreams. But really it was just all a big fat dream. The first few months were brilliant, soo much fun! Until exams came along, I had done next to nothing study because I had spent too much time soaking up the fact that I am out of school can do whatever I want and now have a boyfriend to muck around wasting time too! Be honest, if you had the option of watching movies all day or going to class I know what you would prefer. My parents were mad at me and thought I was just a big failure and my I found I stopped hanging out with all my old friends.

Six months deep and I now look back at how drastically different my year has been compared to what it could of been if I stayed single. I am not exactly happy with myself for spending my first year of Uni and thinking what it might of been like if I had done things different, but I look at this situation as a great learning hurdle. I think nobody can really tell you what’s best for you, you need to get out and discover that for yourself.

Being with someone else is a huge commitment, not just time but effort, money and emotion as well.  And although being with someone can be awesome support it can also be a huge barrier to your ultimate goal if . This is just my experience so far and I am hoping thing are going to get better in terms of time management and priorities and this is coming from someone who previously excelled in these areas. But for things to change I am the only one who can do it.

I do hope my little story will be somewhat valuable to you in some way, whether its just about making the most of your first year and setting in before jumping into anything serious or even if it is just basically reaffirming you to go to class instead of watching movies.