I was going to name this post “Tips to survive the final quarter” or something along those lines but then I thought about how I am doing at this present moment and thought against it…

This final half of the final semester is in my opinion so much harder than the others. It was no denying that the beginning quarter was a shock for me and many other people i know because when I heard that you have to study “a lot” for premed my interpretation of a lot was somewhat optimistic.

But its only been a week of this quarter and I am feeling like a holiday is well overdue. Being sick away from home is no fun. You have no one to look after you and if you miss those tutorials you know you will miss the attendance percentage you need so basically you don’t have time to be sick.

The one remedy for sickness is sleep but there are only so many hours in a day right? DONT do what I do, have enough sleep so that you don’t get sick and have to sleep all day when you’re trying to study for your 20% test.

The food at the hall (sorry flame tree and UH) but it is really getting to me, I am vegetarian and I can’t stomach any more indisguisable bean smoosh- my name for the bean concoction of which we get slight variations every night.

Yes, so far its been one week, I’ve had a test on the first day, UMAT results have come out, I’ve made a downward spiral with my cold and I have 101 things to do in the next two weeks.

Unfortunately in the last week while I have been sick I have not really done any exciting things except for try to go for a run twice and both times ending up a lot worse than I bargained for. hopefully next time things will be ticking again 🙂

Until next time, stay healthy