Last week I had the amazing privileged of being apart of such an awesome kaupapa!

Whaia Te Pae Tawhiti


For those who are not aware what Whaia Te Pae Tawhiti is im sorry, you have lived a very sad life. The Reason I chose this very University was because of Whaia Te Pae Tawhiti! (‘Whaia te pae’ for short).

“Whaia te Pae Tawhiti” translates into ” Follow the right path” . It is hosted here at the University of Auckland and involves Tauira Maori (Maori Student) from around the country that live out side of Auckland. The idea of this kaupapa is to give the students a taste of

1. What is is like to like to live in the big smoke!

2. What it is like to attend the University of Auckland.. and

3. Who your new whanau will be if you make the decision to come to The University of Auckland.

Last year I had the most most amazing trip on Whaia Te Pae hence why I am an Auckland University student now! I had made some very important networks with the Maori support networks the university offers. I learnt all about what I can study and the entry requirements I need. I learnt about how to apply for accommodation and scholarships but most importantly I meet other Maori students who were just as keen on tertiary education with the same aspiration and goals. I now know Maori students all over the country from all differnt Universities and some of my closest mates I made on Whaia te Pae arer with me during my journey and were there for support when it came time for the big transition to uni!


This is my Whaia Te Pae whanau from last                                             year!

That is why I believe that Whaia te Pae is such an important event for Maori Tauira and I am extremely passionate about this programme.

This year I was asked along with five other Students who were from Whaia Te Pae and are now Students at the University to be on the student panel to talk to the new Whaia Te Pae Tauira! To me that was my foot in the door which meant I was invited to be apart of the kaupapa (not really) so off I head to the powhiri with my bags packed to spend the week at the marae!

I didn’t realize yet but this was going to have a huge impact and it was such a great privileged to be allowed to come along!

Being a first year student I was neither an official Mentor or a High School Student so I made it my role to kind of fit in wherever I could!

We had such and awesome bunch of young Tauira and such an awesome week planned ahead of us.

Making new friends!


The Amasing race had us going all over Auckland City discovering new places…


Tasting new flavors….


And reaching new heights!


I think what I got from this experience was more than I imagined. From being a student on the trip last year I was there to enjoy myself and learn about what I could do at University However now that I am more than half way through my first year studying I had forgotten what it was like to be a student with dreams. You get so bogged down with all the work assessments and stress sometimes you forget the purpose to why you are at University!

Being on Whaia te Pae the energy from the younger Tauira with big goals and aspirations was a true wake up call. It made me remember what I was like as a year 13 student a year ago! Then with the mentors there it showed the students that you can reach your goals, you can survive University and Graduate with the job of your dreams. That energy gave me a drive to do better and keep trying harder and that was a priceless experience!