It seems like it was only yesterday I moved in to my humble abode at Grafton Hall and with one month left till move out day the end of the year is fast approaching!  It really is true what they say, time does fly when you are having fun !


In the midst of evaluating my first year at University I also have so much else going on! The most obvious is exams!

I am usually one to be studying my butt off this time of year in hope to achieve excellence exam results but this time around I am just to excited/anxious/nervous/worried/happy….. to even think about starting serious study! I know it sounds terrible but I haven’t even really got my head around the fact that in two weeks from now all my exams will be over and I would have finished for the year. In the meantime I have a kapa haka assessment in two days worth 60% of my final mark and I haven’t even learnt everything yet!

Today I plan to “study” but realistically wont because next week I have two of my close friends with birthdays so I will probably just end up going shopping for their presents…. with money I really should be saving!

I have been checking my emails every hour for the past month AND my bank account waiting for study link to come through, or to hear about a job, because it isn’t free to live in Auckland city!

rich-student me

So yes, that brings me to my second point I am also searching for a holiday job! I originally decided I wanted to work night shifts at the warehouse. I sorted all my paper work sent it all through just as I was about to complete my application a message popped up saying to call your local warehouse and tell them why you want the job….  other than the fact that that is the most awkward way to interview ever!!! I also had no credit and there were no 0800 numbers to call. GREAT

Luckily my mum is absolutely awesome and when I asked her if she could find out if Tegal were hiring students she sorted that out for me! Now its just a waiting game to see if I got the Job.

Do you remember this?


My Interview for Resident Adviser!

Good News! YAY I got the job! I will be working/living in Uni Hall next year and I am just sooo excited!!! I am not the only one who is happy either, my parents were soo happy that they don’t have to support me financially next year that they went and spent the money on flowers instead!


ps: the iphone was not a gift, just five years of my life savings.

Tomorrow is my RA welcome day and I can’t wait to meet everyone and sign the papers and make everything official! Also a day of study which has completely vanished once again lol. So now the pressure is on to seek motivation to study extra hard to keep my scholarship, make my family proud and lastly make myself proud.

Although the academic year is coming to a year it really just feels like everything is about to fall into place. Good things are coming I have just got to sit tight and put my head down!