Hey peeps!


Firstly, I’d like to congratulate myself for spending so much procrastinating, that I’ve left 3 assignments (which are all due within hours of each other) to the last minute. This is a classic stereotype that other have of uni students, having in my case it’s probably 110% true , *cries lol


With final exams approaching, the workload just seems to get bigger and bigger, when it seems like you’re on top of things, getting some good study habits in place, think again because it’s never that easy. Just like spongebob says “It’s all imagination!” and sometimes it’s cool to imagine, however it’s essential that you don’t lose hope and just like dory says “Just keep swimming!” .


I know for a fact, that it’s absolute torture to have to be stuck inside a library, when it’s perfectly sunny outside. I know for a fact that you’d rather ignore that alarm in the morning, which you made last night thinking it’d be a good idea. I know for a fact that countless amount of times in which you’ve tried to make that class, but for some reason you just haven’t quite made it, and settled for lecture recordings the whole semester (the last may or may not be applicable to myself haha). But I know for a fact, that a positive mind set and a can-do attitude can do wonders to your self-esteem and to your studying habits and hopefully overall results. It might sound cringy but it works.


A tip which I’ve learnt over the years, is that it’s the person who studies smarter not longer which achieves better results, studying smarter can effectively reduce study time however increase effectiveness of your study. Where you can use different studying methods and techniques (which I have described in earlier posts) such as using mind-maps and visuals ? or maybe colour? Whatever that can stimulate some interactive approach should be used, studying isn’t just a mind dumping of information, which you’ve memorised in the hope the exact same question will appear.


However nothing is more essential, or critical than attempting past papers!!! I cannot stress this enough! By using past papers you are allowing yourself, to see how the test has been set, and allows yourself to be exposed to any particular patterns, or common themes throughout the exams, which may have a high chance of reappearing again? Possibly? Maybe?


As, for me I’ve been busily cramming for the past 2 weeks and will continue to cram until my exams , sadly as i say I congratulate myself , and ponder what could have been if I actually studied throughout the semester, haha pffft yea right!