Life is hard when it’s repetitive…

I am currently in the middle of exams and have promised myself I would get an “early night” but it is 10.47pm and I have just finished doing my health psychology readings.

I had my first exam on Thursday and unlike last semester this time I don’t have four days in a row!!! While I originally thought this was a blessing I now see it as a curse.

Here’s why: personally I can’t study after exams because my brain is like a fried egg and also I like to plan something fun to do so you can look forward to during that moment of panic in the exam (you’ll see what I mean) but leading up to this exam I sacrificed a lot of sleep which in hindsight is not a tip I would recommend because I am still recovering but I am feeling as though I have enough time when in reality my next exam is rapidly approaching.

Anyway- upon returning to the library I realised I am completely and utterly sick of the fourth floor which has been my study place for the last month. In semester one for at least 3 weeks leading up to exams I literally lived on the first floor and can say with 100% conviction that I can’t see myself ever returning there.

This all made me think that by the end of your degree you would surely use up all the floors on the library. I was originally going to make this post the classic “year in review” but I figured that my posts always are reviewing the year which is when I thought these traumatic experiences at the library could bring one goodness which would be one more tip- DONT be afraid to mix it up.

If its not working then change it!! sounds simple but it’s honestly one of the hardest things to do- for me anyway. I’m actually so stubborn and I always think “well this worked at school so I’m going to do this” terrible, terrible mistake and one that has┬ádone me zero favours.

When I actually built up the courage to try different methods- watching you tube videos on concepts, asking other people then everything improved ALOT! unfortunately when things are stressful i still battle with wanting to go back to my old ways but to avoid getting scarred by the library i would recommend trying cafes or parks as study places, if you don’t mind noise they can be a refreshing break.

Also with the sunshine going on I am battling to stay inside and spent Thursday after my exam at the beach and this morning went for a run in the sun and an explore at the Parnell French Markets! Today I discovered an amazing place that does free pizzas for the first time, which made for a great day of no flame tree (I am sick of chickpeas) which reminded me that if you look around you can always use the poor student card to your advantage

Until next time, happy exam studying whatever the exams may be


free pizza!!!

free pizza!!!