Hey fam,

It’s mad to think this is my last blog of the year. I am leaving Unihall today and consequently have started to get all the feels…CUE THE DMB!!! (deep meaningful blog).

I did it…first year biomed is done! On the one hand I am relieved and happy. It’s been an intense year. I’ve never worked as hard or stressed out as much in my life. Walking out of the Medsci exam, I swear I actually felt a weight lift off my shoulders. On the other hand I’m sad. Next year is gonna be a completely different ball game (bring on the Chathouse 2k17) and it’s hard to say goodbye to what’s been an amazing year with amazing people.


Some say it has gone by really fast, but I can’t say the same for me. It’s not that it’s dragged on, it’s just been so jam packed with new experiences that it’s felt like a big year.

  • I have studied my butt off and crammed everything possible into my brain (most of which I’ve already forgotten a week after my exams)
  • I have explored as much of the city as I have had time for (the latest excursion being to the top of Rangitoto)


But the biggest change has definitely been moving away from home for the first time. Living on my own and having to be responsible for myself has been challenging at times. I have grown up a lot and learnt a surprising amount about myself.

Moving from the country to the 14th floor of a building housing 450 other students in the middle of Auckland city was a MASSIVE change, but definitely a great choice. Unihall has been an incredible place to live. It’s so convenient being 5 minutes from uni and a short walk from all the city has to offer. The hall caters for all your needs and is especially helpful for academic support with weekly tutorials for most degrees. I have found the 2 hr health sci/biomed tutorials every Sunday night super helpful. I’m without a doubt happy I chose UH over the other halls and would strongly recommend you choose it too, although it will be interesting to see how it changes with the inclusion of the apartments and the change of management next year. The best part about hall life has definitely been the opportunity to meet likeminded people from all over New Zealand. Thanks to all the top notch peeps who have befriended me this year and made it a year to remember. As promised here is your special mention Luke for being my number 1 blog fan and the highlight of floor 14’s year. Also a shout out to floor 14, my UH fam. Although at times not everyone has got along, it’s been great getting to know you all and making some rad memories. Lastly, cheers Jibs for being the (2nd) best RA (hehe).






With regards to blogging, 10/10 would recommend you apply to do it if you’re gonna be a UoA student next year. You get paid to write whatever you want every fortnight and that bit of extra cash always comes in handy for food and coffee (or alcohol if you’re about that life.) It’s made me get out and do more exciting stuff that I probably wouldn’t have done otherwise so that’s a positive, and now I have a record of my first year to look back on so that’s cute too. It’s also made me feel more like I belong to the university which is nice when in classes of 1000+ you’re just another face in the crowd and the uni is so big that it doesn’t really care who you are as long as you pay your fees. Being a blogger is another prime opportunity to meet a few new people, like my main man Bryan who writes killer blogs and was by far the best dressed dude in UH. We’ve been lucky to recieve a few hook ups throughout the year e.g Free food, clothes, trips to Dunedin and a free sailing trip which Bryan and I hit up after my exams.


Also, It isn’t a bad thing to chuck on your CV and can open up other doors in the future so what have you got to lose?

So that’s me, over and out for now (keep an eye out for a follow up blog). If you’re high-schooler battling through exams good luck! (this time next year you’ll be wishing uni was as easy as NCEA.)

Till next time, stay amazing and hope to see you at the UoA.