I’m sittin’ here in the smaller-than-expected Nelson Airport waiting for my ride. There are birds chirping right in front of me, that’s not a sight I often see in Wellington or Auckland airports. The flight was already short to begin with but as soon as I hit the tunes and closed my eyes, we had landed.

Over the next half week I’ll be exploring all the wondrous things I’ve heard about ‘Sunny’ Nelson. Well, it’s pretty cloudy right now so I’m hoping it’ll get better. The excitement to explore a new city has me reminiscing the end of last summer where I was all ready to up and leave Wellington to battle the freshers of University of Auckland (you kinda have to for a spot in Part II Law).

"Sunny" they said... hah nah jk it's really sunny as I'm typing this I had to escape it in fear of burning

“Sunny” they said… hah nah jk it’s really sunny as I’m typing this I had to escape it in fear of burning.

It’s awesome seeing how much you can still get up to even with study, exercise and all that other good stuff when you live in the CBD of a new city. With Auckland being Auckland, you also get lots of cool little events which may feel quite extravagant to those from smaller cities. Flicking back recently in my camera roll it’s nice realising how much I am still exploring. Just a small collection of what I’ve been up to recently:

Flat hunting is probably the biggest burden for me over this summer. One of the things that makes it hard to study in Auckland is if you don’t take up 2nd year accommodation through uni, you have to find a flat. Looking for a flat in Auckland is difficult because unlike in Dunners, you’re up against families, yo-pros and other students. I’m having to make a trip up in January just to find a flat.


Off to my first flat viewing… Let’s just say photos can be deceiving. Very.

We got lots of goodies as bloggers this year, one being a sailing trip on Ted Ashby at the Maritime Museum. Anneke and I had been planning to go the whole year and finally got around to it the day before I was leaving Auckland and before my exam. Lucky Anneke was  already finished but she insisted we only go after… life of a Bio Sci student, I guess.

Had a cheeky browse around the museum before – spot the odd one out.

Had a cheeky browse around the museum before – spot the odd one out.



Slick views, and all the kids in the school group did all the work so. Great times!


Wind. Selfie. Moving on water. Slippery iPhone. High angle. Reeeal tough.

Wind. Selfie. Moving on water. Slippery iPhone. High angle. Reeeal tough.

The food game in Auckland is pretty hectic. You can pretty much get anything you’re after from basic something to fancy something and everything in-between. In this case, we popped over to Newmarket and got fancy sushi. So fancy and beautiful in fact, that my eyes conveniently skipped over the prices and only saw the empty space in my box all ready to be filled. It’s been great for the taste buds to eat my way around Auckland when I happened to stumble across some extra cash.

Whoops. may have dropped close to $30 on sushi.

Whoops! May have dropped close to $30 on sushi… and kimchi!



Major Sprout was a fave this year, only when I had extra, extra, extra money though! What you’re seeing is a beautiful acai bowl and green smoothie.

And when it’s a sunny day and exams are looming, just tell your mates you’re gonna go for an hour walk… and then make it a four hour walk instead! These chairs were pretty funky.


A few hours later we needed a break.

Signing off now so I can spend some more time in the Nelson sun! This is my penultimate post so you’ll hear from me again soon one last time for the year– but I’ve also got a website/blog thing you can keep following me on at opticbylaw.com (which may or may not be live by the time you read this) which I’ll mention in my final post too. All the best with exams, I know some still have NCEA exams to sit and that’s weird to think about considering I already have three of four exam results back. As always, leave your Q’s and C’s below, have loved hearing about your plans for next year.