I’ve officially finished my first year and what a year it has been. Believe me when I say I did  try to brainstorm different topics for my final blog but ultimately I decided you can’t go wrong with reviewing the year.

A year in review of the craziest, most stressful and different year:

  1. University is NOTHING like high school- there are so many people at Uni so theres not the same network of support around you and you don’t matter as much as high school. But, in a way thats what so many people like about uni.
  2. It’s all up to you- At the end of the day natural ability can only take you so far. This is especially true in a competitive course  like Health Science or Biomed where there is so much content. What determines how well you do in first year is the approach you take to all your work. Having a positive attitude will allow you to keep going even if it feels like you are making zero progress.
  3. Believe in yourself- (that sound’s even more cliche) you are the only one who can get yourself through exams, tests, essays and presentations. There will always be people around you who act like they are so much smarter than you but don’t be deterred, most of the time they are just really good at pretending they have everything sorted out.
  4. Enjoy the challenges- (now this sounds like a cliche). This year has been so challenging but eventually I have learnt that things don’t always go the way you planned. Eventually you learn to cope with it all and you are so much more ready for the next 10 things due at the same time.
  5. Enjoy what’s on offer! Uni and Auckland has so much to offer, most of which you wouldn’t even know about.  From look out views to hidden beaches to hikes, fancy cafes and cheap uni food- if you look hard enough you will find it all. Try them, expand your horizon and you never know you might find a new past time.
  6. be kind to people- Auckland is so diverse. On my floor at University Hall alone there are people from all corners of the world and all different walks of life. So often we are stressed at Uni that we struggle to see things from other peoples point of view. But is these differences that makes Uni so interesting and I’ve made friends with people unlike any other friends I’ve had before.


Karekare falls

Karekare falls

Adventuring following the end of exams

Adventuring following the end of exams


It has been a year filled with memorable occasions and new experiences. Hopefully some of these experiences have been expressed in these blogs and that it helps you on your journey in any small way.
Thank you all,
Love Evie

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