So it is exam time and there seems like a million things that need to be done before I finish uni for the year!

As if it isn’t stressful enough just worrying about studying for my exams and passing with flying colours, I am also faced with the questions…

What am I going to do to fill up the 3 month holiday quickly approaching?

Where am I going to live?

How am I going to live?

So naturally I am expected to go home and live with my mum for the holiday break, she has a job interview working at a chicken factory and is waiting for me to hurry up and come home. But the thing is, I am an adult now, like pretty much anyway, so it is my decision as to what I am going to do with my holiday. And guess what…. I don’t want to spend my holiday in a chicken factory in a small town without any sign of fast food, motorways, malls, or like even life itself. So I have to go find me a job.

I am extremely lucky that I am allowed to stay at my boyfriend house with his family out west Auckland for the holidays but the thing is that I need a job so I can make money. Unfortunately studylink does not pay allowance during the holidays. So here I am in the middle of exams stressing about finding a job.

You would not believe how hard it is to find a job!

After a few hours sorting out an appropriate CV and cover letter it is time to start my Job Hunt.

First I start by going on all the big company sites i.e The Warehouse, Briscoes, K Mart, McDonald’s, KFC, Pak n Save etc. Then I  start looking online and applying for every available job on Trade Me jobs. By now it has cut in to a whole day of my study time and I am just playing the waiting game to hear back…

The next morning I have a call from two places for two different interviews, the cinemas and the pizza shop just down the road from where I will be living. Determined to make my best first impression I go out and get some nice interview gears and head to my first interview at the movies.

Now you see with jobs, people are looking for experience and the thing with experience is that you cant have work experience unless you have a job so basically it is forever a lose lose situation!

After turning up very formal to a very informal interview I get a call back saying I do not have enough experience working with food to get the job at the cinemas there fore I was unsuccessful with the position…. OKAY  well how can I change that unless I am first given a job with food handling????

Next I walk down to the pizza shop for my scheduled interview to be told by the man at the counter that the guy that was meant to interview me was not in today EVEN THOUGH he had asked me to come in that day for an interview… great communication skills.

So now I am back to square one. Thankfully I receive another call from a fruit packing company to start immediately so I go to the office meet the boss, sign out my papers and am told I am pretty much guaranteed the job! YAY! Sounds to good to be true huh? yeah well after calling them a few times to inquire when I am starting I get the same response ” I will call you straight back” and am still waiting for that call.

Previously to being ignored I was asked to go in for another interview working at a bottle store but I had to turn it down because here I was thinking I had work confirmed but unfortunately I haven’t.

So after weeks of religiously hunting for a holiday job I am back to square one applying for every job on the internet patiently waiting for an interview… goh why is life so hard.