…quite literally, I must say! Did a short road trip with my mate back down home to Welly, there was absolutely no way I could’ve carried even half the amount of stuff I’ve acquired with me on a plane. Sadly, not only did I have to leave the beautiful orange walls of University Hall and Auckland for the meantime, I am now also signing off on The Inside Word with a series of photos documenting my trip home.


Accidentally launched my camera after finishing my final exam (I’m not joking, the combo of Raise to Wake and a left swipe for the camera makes it too easy…). Thought I may as well take a happy “finished exams” selfie but 1. this is not a good selfie at all and 2. I don’t even look happy so definitely failed at that.



Stuff galore! Except I know quite a few who would easily have had double this so wasn’t feeling bad about that! Despite the number of clothing items and shoes I had acquired over the year. Cheeky bag of laundry I didn’t get to, whoops.



Peace out UH you’ve served me well this year. Well, Flame Tree did on occasion, I guess. Just avoid grill night unless you’re a beef killed 10x super dry kinda person. But overall, as I’ve found myself saying many times, hall food is definitely so much better than I expected and I’ve heard is most definitely better than places in Welly.



Okay it kinda looks alright here, but let me tell you the weather was absolutely atrocious. The combo of the weather and my LIT playlist meant neither of us would be falling asleep at all throughout the drive.


The following three pics were taken at my mate’s grandma’s place in the middle of nowhere somewhere near Taranaki. The only neighbours I could see were cows. It was one cool looking house and I had a ball snapping pics for a few hours that night with the trusty DSLR.


Jars on jars on jars.



Got the eggs poachin’! Straight from the chickens that morning.



We had eggs for dinner, breakfast and egg sandwiches for lunch. Imma just say protein tho…



Preeeetttyy sure this was Patea Beach or just a beach in Patea. It was so windy it was a nice reminder of home– I’d be back before dark!



I was trying to enjoy the view but I had to still squint through my sunnies. It was just that bright.



It was up Mt Kaukau the next day, starting to get into the summer swing of things. Gloomy as per usual in windy Welly.

And this is me all chipper at the fact that my first ever year of uni is over, I’ve be involved in and done some awesome things, met some chill people– everything you’d expect and I’ve loved blogging so much I’ve made myself one to continue on with called optic by law. so give it a peek! Still got a few tweaks here and there but it’ll just be a fun little lifestyle and fashion outlet for me and maybe you guys might want to make your own blog this summer or apply to blog for The Inside Word next year. All those deets can be found here.


Enough about me… I often get carried away when talking about myself which friends often like to point out (kidding but eh not really)– thanks for reading and commenting and asking questions! Myself and my fellow bloggers love it when you do as it makes us feel like we’re actually reaching an audience rather than just projecting our antics to the world wide web.

Hit those last NCEA exams hard and say goodbye to ’em forever if you’re leaving college, I remember always having Music last in early December it was stink as. Look forward to longer holidays if you’re wanting to go to uni after college. I hope The Inside Word has convinced to or made you so much more excited to do so.

– Bryan