The exam period has hit as hard as a derailed train. Not only did I have all four exams in the space of one week (with one still to go – tomorrow), they have all been potential travesties.

Before the exam period, Dionysus – God of wine, decided to shine heavily upon me. The end of the lecture period was an unforgettable and unregrettable extravaganza of fun and drinking. I went to shenanigans at SweatShop, drunk at the infamous Panama Street before a night out with my family and then went to Hallertau brewery. Not only that, but I got a breakfast board (to satiate early morning post-fun night hunger) at ‘Hello friends + Allies’ which was on the next level of amazing!.


Breakfast Board!!


Hallertau Brewery ft Good weather and girls


Shenanigans at Sweatshop

I had two exams in one day. I made the great mistake of writing all five essays the day before and then using the night to memorise all five. I did this with the help of my old enemy coffee, who had me so hyped that I couldn’t sleep at all! Regardless, I will never drink so much coffee again! (I’m lying, I probably will… Desperate times call for desperate measures). Both exams went without issue and all 5 essay questions popped up just as I’d prepared. With the help of my super caffeinated brain and body, I spewed all five out with no incident (except the whole shaking uncontrollably thing, might have looked a bit weird, whatever).


Transcended my physical body to become half god and memorise five essays in one night

Next was the law exam. The honest truth? Who really knows how law exams actually go? You study for two weeks straight and get back a B. You study one night and get an A plus. It’s unpredictable. But, I finished all the question booklets on time (more than I can say for some) and I have no intense feeling of dread so I’m assuming it went fine (hopefully better than fine).


As for the exam tomorrow morning? It’s multi-choice and I have no idea what’s going on. Coming from someone who studied for a 100 question multi-choice quiz in one night and got an A, this is not a good thing at all. The course has been the definition of awful, and I’m not the only one who feels that way.

A MOMENT FOR ADVICE: Take courses with careful consideration. Look at the past exam papers before you do. I made the great mistake of pursuing things I have a genuine interest in.

MOMENT OF TRUTH: Genuine interests and a great GPA do not act in conjunction with one another. A great GPA is born from taking easy papers, not from following your dreams (a harsh reality of university). Since our law GPA’s are largely dependent on how good our regular GPA’s are, you just can’t depend on your own interest to pull you through. In the wise words of my sister “Focus on getting into law school, follow your dreams after”. Did I listen to this wise advice? No. Am I suffering as a result? Yes.

There’s really nothing left for me to do except to transcend my human body and become a demi-god in this subject before the sun rises – something I am sure me and my old friend coffee can actually do.

University is no drastically different from your last year of high school. You have a lot to look at, you have even more to write. Academically it’s not a particularly large step up (the step itself is negligible), but you do find that since you’re dealing with a selection of different people, you’re also dealing with a selection of different opinions (something which can work to your benefit or detriment).

Ultimately, attitude is what conquers all: marks included.


What happens when you find a polaroid camera while studying at your friends house