Kia ora and welcome to the Inside Word for 2017.

If you’ve read the Inside Word before, welcome back! As you’ll notice, we’ve had an upgrade. There are a lot of new and shiny things to see, new ways to explore the Inside Word and new bloggers to read.

Meet our new bloggers!


Hi guys! I’m Eunice, a California gal coming straight out of a gap year in California. I’ve made the adventurous decision to leave my awesome family in the states to come back to NZ to study Social Work. I was born and raised in California, but went to high school in the coolest little capital Wellington. Although I’m anticipating being a 20 hour flight away from family, I am thrilled to be able to come back and experience more of NZ (which includes actually going to the South Island). My new home this year is Huia Residence, where I will definitely be able to give you the inside word.

I am definitely better being behind the camera than in front of one, and am obsessed with capturing candid moments. I love acting, playing the guitar, hiking, food, laughing, volunteering and being in the ocean. You’ll be likely to find me watching a comedy or documentary on Netflix or exploring every nook and cranny of Auckland.
Come follow me on my adventures during my first year of uni!


Hey guys! My name is Rebekah and I’m making the move from little ol’ Gizzy to the Big Smoke, into University Hall. This year I’ll be competing in the Hunger Games/studying a Bachelor of Health Science with the hopes of getting into Medicine. I’m a true home girl, so studying at the UoA, far from anything familiar will be a challenge, but I’m beyond excited to meet new people, create great memories and of course to learn and study like a boss. I have a love for food, poetry, dogs, reggae music and the odd workout at the gym when my worst love does me wrong. 2k17 will be a year of struggle, growth and excitement but I’m looking forward to embarking on my dreams and sharing my experiences as an Inside Blogger!


Hello to all you good looking people that can read out there! My name’s Reid Edmond and I come from the ever-so humble Christchurch (the home of tupperware) and have moved to the big smoke in order to study a conjoint in a BA of Communications and a BMus in Popular Music. This will hopefully help me backflip into a career as a television presenter/journalist or as a pop star. I kinda want to be a trifecta between Graham Norton, Prince and Channing Tatum as it were! I’ll be living in Uni Hall Towers which I hope will be fresher than a southerly and more lit than a Lighting Direct store. I’ve been doing karate since I was 5 and last year I was lucky enough to be crowned WGKR World Champion! This year I’ll be aiming to compete in the Junior World Championships in Tenerife, Spain! When I’m not getting punched in the face I love to write and play music, perform on a stage and party like it’s nobody’s business! Let’s have a fantastic year and I hope you guys can withstand my similes that I think are more necessary than a car’s steering wheel.


Hey, everybody – I’m Tate! I’m trading the seaside sights of Tauranga for the skyscrapers of Auckland as I work towards a conjoint Law and Arts degree. Living in O’Rorke Hall means I’ll be right in the middle of the city, surrounded by buildings that are noticeably taller than me (being 6’2, this is not a common occurrence) – and I’m excited! Auckland is a city where life never stops, and I’m eager to capitalise on that, be it in regards to writing, the stage, or the screen: all of which are big on my list. I’m also keen to take advantage of the free gym membership offered to everyone in university accommodation (I’d say that’s so I can keep up my intense fitness regime, but I’m really just hoping it’ll kickstart it! We’ll see how that goes!). So feel free to sit back, relax, get comfy – maybe grab something from the fridge, which I’m going to have to learn to live without this year – and enjoy the unfolding narrative that is my first year at the University of Auckland!


Hello from the other side (of the world)! I’m Sparsha and as the previous line suggests, yes, Adele is my idol. Oh, and also, I’m from America! Originally born in New Zealand, I’m excited to come back to my birthplace and attend The University of Auckland to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. I’ve already begun mentally preparing myself for the many all-nighters waiting for me. When I’m not stressing out about the workload at university, I’m imagining how I’ll decorate my dorm room at Whitaker Hall in my head. I specifically chose this hall of residence because it has a tennis court and as a tennis player, I’m always looking for a place close by to practice! Along with playing tennis, I also enjoy learning new skills and am currently teaching myself how to play the piano! If I’m not in the music room completely butchering piano compositions, you can catch me in the library either reading a book or at least pretending to while I binge watch shows on Netflix.Feel free to live vicariously through me as I attempt to navigate around Uni life while trying not to embarrass myself TOO much.


Hey! I’d just like to introduce myself, my name is Matthew, I’m from Auckland’s sunny North Shore and I am super enthused to be part of the bloggers group for The Inside Word on life at Auckland Uni for 2017. Looking forward to experiencing and sharing all the good, the bad and the wild shades of life that uni has to offer a first year student. I am studying a Bachelor of Music majoring in Classical Performance. Voice is my instrument and if you’re connecting the dots between classical performance and voice you’ve probably worked it out; I’m into opera. In fact, I’m into all music genres and I also love the theatre. When I’m not singing or acting you’ll find me doing something with sport, and by sport I mean anything and everything to do with the word, from playing basketball to updating my NFL fantasy team.


Hi! I’m Sonna and I will be studying Biomedical Science this year. Born in the mighty Hawke’s Bay but raised in Auckland for the bulk of my life, the University of Auckland is not an unfamiliar sight. I will be inhabiting O’Rorke Hall of Residence for the duration of my year, but will most likely be crawling back to my humble abode every now and then (to remind my dog I’m still alive). You will probably find me awkwardly running to my lectures (even though I’ll be living 5 mins away), making bad puns, sweating the stress out at the gym, and doing lots of regular studying (read: procrastinating). I am genuinely excited for this year; to meet some rad human beings, learn and experience the unknown, and of course to be part of the Inside Word!

Hey guys, my name is Callum and I’m super stoked to be one of your bloggers for 2017! Coming to you from the city of Upper Hutt, this year I’ll be residing in the beautiful University Hall where I’ll be trying not to fail my Conjoint BA/LLb. As well as being a die-hard GoT fan (Targaryens for the win), I love movies, food, puns and spending money because who needs savings? When I’m not studying or blogging, I love being active… On Facebook or I’ll probably either be jamming on my Violin or singing away somewhere no one can hear me. I’m really excited for this year and cannot wait to share my experiences with you all. Bless you all and Hakuna Matata.

Hey, I’m Charlie, a kiwi-brit. My family moved from London to Wellington when I was 12 and we’ve fully embraced life in the windiest, quirkiest and coolest little capital. This year I’m living at O’Rorke Hall and studying a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Psychology. I’m excited about meeting new people, exploring an unfamiliar city, and the many opportunities this year has in store for me. The current soundtrack for my life consists mostly of Bon Iver, Frank Ocean, Chance the Rapper and Michael Kiwanuka on repeat. Singing in choirs and a cappella groups is a passion of mine, as well as being a musical theatre enthusiast (although my dancing leaves a lot to be desired). I’m a keen follower of cricket, always up for a game in the backyard. I’ve also developed a worrying addiction to Zombie Chews, drink too many $1 Frozen Cokes and have a tendency to scream the wrong lyrics to my favourite songs in the shower; watch out hall mates… I might need to tone it down a bit! I hope my blogs give you an honest and engaging perspective of what life as a first-year student at the University of Auckland is really like.

Hi there! My name is Samantha Woon and I grew up in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. aka some obscure country in Southeast Asia. I’ll be living at O’Rorke Hall in 2017; I haven’t even met them yet as of writing this but I know they’re awesome people (from what I gather from Facebook chats). I’ve chosen to study Engineering at Auckland Uni, mainly because… I dunno, why does anyone do anything?When studying Engineering isn’t eating me alive, you might be able to find me reading, coding (hey, that might be the reason!), watching anime/Sherlock/Doctor Who, or making an attempt to form a social life. Though who knows what weird hobbies I might pick up while I’m at uni!So if you come across a short (5’1″), clumsy, Asian, and looks-like-she-should-still-be-in-intermediate-school girl, come say hi.