Y’all probably want to hear about how my first week of University went down. But let’s be forreal, the first week isn’t REALLY the first week of University. Being forced to partake in multiple ice breakers and going over what the course expects from you, while a nice introduction, IS NOT an accurate representation of how the rest of the semester is going to go.

So here I am, eager to tell you how my second week of University was!

March 12th: I had my first official meeting with Auckland University Psychology Student Association! Fun fact: I’m on the executive board. How’d this happen, you ask? FACEBOOK, MY DEAR FRIENDS. I joined their Facebook page the second I discovered this club’s existence and one lonely night I came across this post:

Did I think I was going to get the position? Nope. Did I want to find any excuse I could not to do my required reading for Politics 106? Yup. Introduce me filling out the application 20 minutes before the deadline.
Miraculously, I got the role! And that’s how I found myself sitting at OGGB with eight lovely ladies (and one boy who was a bit camera-shy).

                   The meeting at OGGB


Can we unanimously agree that joining clubs in University is a must? It’s literally a sure guarantee that you’re meeting people with the same interests as you (assuming that you’re joining clubs you actually enjoy).




March 13th: I began my campaign to run for President of Whitaker Hall! This involved putting up posters around my hall and graffitiing my friends’ twin deluxe room window.


                           “Vote 4 SK”


                One of my posters!

I’m embarrassed to admit that I put the posters up relatively late at night so that the chances of running into anyone else would be slim. While I was excited to run for the position, I was also incredibly nervous to put myself out there like that. My paranoid mind had somehow become convinced that others would ridicule me but this was far from the truth. In actuality, everyone who found out I was running, the following morning, wished me luck and complimented me on my posters.

Honestly, one’s worst enemy is themselves.

March 14th: How is University already stressful when it’s only been eight days since we started?! People in my hall have begun to pull all-nighters (mainly the Bio-med kids). At first, I thought I wasn’t studying properly because surely, I should feel the need to pull all-nighters as well. But then I said to myself, “Sparsha, honey, you cannot function without sleep.” Let me tell y’all a thing: What works for one person does not necessarily have to work for you too. Don’t think that you’re not working just as hard as another student just because your work ethics aren’t similar. Everyone learns in different ways. Work smart guys, not hard.

While taking a break from studying though, a group of my friends and I tried using Tim Tams as straws! This was my first time ever having Tim Tams and let me just say, I think I’m in love. Freshman 15 is so real right now.



My friends and I in my room after binging on Tim               Tams!


March 15th: Life can get pretty trying sometimes and when it does, it’s always helpful to have at least one person who will come to your room in the middle of the night just to sit with you and listen to you rant. I’m honored to say that I have that one person.

Hyunah Claire Choo, this one’s for you (like the rhyme?).

She called me up tonight from UniHall, ready to tell me some exciting news going on with her, but the second she heard my voice, she resolutely claimed that she was coming over. This led to a spontaneous sleepover where we just stayed up most of the night, talking.

Yes, we did end up skipping all our lectures the following day and getting up around midday. But when we finally got around to opening our eyes, we felt lighter.

Get yourself someone who’ll help shoulder your burdens at University.

March 16th: Because I skipped lectures today, nothing interesting happened so… moving on.

March 17th: Here’s the thing about my Fridays; I only have one lecture scheduled. So usually, I just stay in bed until I gotta get up at 2 p.m. to go attend it. But today, I somehow convinced myself to wake up at 6 a.m. to watch the recordings of the lectures I missed yesterday.

Don’t get me wrong, everything in me wanted to ignore the rational side of my brain and go back to sleep. But guys; Moderation.

Yesterday was my selfish day where I was hella lazy and cared for my mental health. So today, I took care of my other responsibilities.

It’s so important to find a balance with everything in your life.

Side note: I went out for St. Paddy’s tonight! Like I said, balance. I studied all day so I treated myself to a fun night with the girls.

     Lucky to have met these two!


But before I could do that, I had to hit Queen Street to buy a green t-shirt! Go to Look Sharp for all your costume needs fam, you won’t be disappointed. They have everything you could ever want to get in for free at Bar 101.


Quick selfie while visiting all the stores on Queen Street!


(Hint: Don’t spend $30 on a themed outfit just to avoid the $5 entrance fee Bar 101 has. Unless you’re extremely lucky, you’re most likely a Uni kid drowning in loans. Be smart.)

March 18th: I spent the whole day recuperating from last night. Pray for me.

Annddd, that is a wrap! Thanks for sticking with me through this winded blog post, I hope you enjoyed hearing about my second week of University as much as I enjoyed experiencing it. Stay tuned for more content, I post every two weeks!


“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” -Norman Vincent Peale