Elevator speed is really important to me.

A typical elevator can travel at speeds of up to 35.4 kph (22 mph). If you’re one of the lucky ones with a room on the 10th floor, the elevator speed could make or break your University life. I’m not kidding. (Okay, maybe a little bit. You’re the one reading a blog about elevators)

Unfortunately the elevators here in NZ aren’t nearly as fast. Even Sky Tower’s only travel at a measly 18 km/h. However, campus elevators are definitely nothing to sneeze at!

I’m an engineering student. I take my elevator speed very seriously, so today I’m going to review the elevators that university students probably spend a large portion of their lives in. I’m going to start with…


O’Rorke (I live here!)

Their elevators are wonderful. Being on the 10th floor, I use the elevator a LOT – at least 5 times a day. And let me tell you, nothing’s worse for me than pressing that button and not getting to my destination in under 30 seconds. You can imagine my frustration with those lazy imbeciles who take the lift for only 1 or 2 floors! Can you believe the nerve of some people?

Let’s move on. To the next elevator: In the Owen G. Glenn Building.


Sidenote (continued): According to this signage, this is the Business School building. Why are first year Engineering students taking their lectures in the *Business School* and not, say, the Engineering building?


You’re sharing the lecture theatre with over 200 people! OGGB probably has the largest lecture theatres to accommodate all of us.

So, I totally just got distracted there: How fast are the elevators at OGGB?

Maddeningly slow. At peak times, it stopped at EACH floor, lift doors stayed upon for WAY too long and it took me over a minute (including wait times + floor transitions) to get from Level 0 to Level 6. Just take the stairs. Moving on.


Surprisingly, I don’t go here that much.

I had a bit of a nightmare at the Engineering building. One of the lifts didn’t work, so I had to wait a bit since there were only two of them. When I got to the top floor, guess what broke down? THE LIFT I WAS IN. The LIFT. In the ENGINEERING BUILDING. Oh, the irony. I returned to sea level eventually though! Phew.

Information Commons

The computers here have Adobe Suite.

Have fun getting lost here your first time at uni.


Quietest library I’ve been in a long time!! Have you HEARD the construction outside Central Library??

The Science, Library and Information Commons lifts were uneventful, if a little slow for my taste. In my personal opinion, it’s not the speed of the elevator that counts, it’s the wait times. And I did wait a long time for the Library lift, so that receives a downvote from me.

One interesting thing to note (well, interesting to me anyway) that the lifts in the OGGB, Engineering, Science, Information Commons, and General Library buildings are way fancier than the ones in O’Rorke. That’s because the campus buildings have cool screens and a robot voice that tells you what floor you’re on. No elevator music for either though!

Can you guess which elevator was fastest out of all of them? The old one, or the newer ones?

Boom! O’Rorke wins yet again.

That’s all for now. I hope everyone enjoyed their campus tour 🙂