And just like that O-Week is complete… But not without a few bumps in the road.

It started with a pilot missing the landing strip and delaying my arrival by 20 minutes and then me anxiously waiting 40 minutes for my luggage to come around the carousel. Thank goodness my shuttle service, although I was an hour late, let me hop on the next shuttle.

When your pilot misses their landing..

Just like everyone will tell you, move in day was hectic. Still disoriented from my flight I searched high and low for a trolley and of course none were available. There was no possible way I could carry two large suitcases, one big box and a hand carry all in one go (not that it would all fit in the elevator anyways), so I trusted in the kindness of the Kiwi people and left half of my stuff in the lobby. Although, I wouldn’t suggest leaving your stuff alone if you can help it.

The doors are super close together at Huia Hall so when you and your next door neighbor are both trying to unlock your doors at the same time there is no escaping an awkward conversation. It’s even worse when you both are low key struggling to unlock your doors so you’re both standing inches away from each other for a nice long while. Yeah, that was the last time I’ve seen my next door neighbor. I may or may not be joking.

So painfully close..


But other than my next door neighbor I’ve made some really awesome friends on my floor. Huia Hall is super laid back and friendly so the transition was a bit easier.

Move in day and the days after are jam packed with meetings, orientations, room shopping, ice breakers and bar hopping. If you’re like me and aren’t used to living in big cities, especially without a car, it can get really overwhelming. Although Auckland is a port city, the nearest beach is a 40 minute bus ride away from Huia *gasps* from beach bums everywhere.

By Thursday I was feeling seriously homesick for California beaches and my family. This meant having a day-cation from the city. I was lucky to have made friends with a surfer from Portugal and another girl from California, so we were all craving for some sand and salt water. Thus we ferried to Waiheke Island and found paradise. We hiked from the ferry port to this small hidden cove. Once we got there I felt like a little kid dropping my bag to the ground and jumping into the ocean.

Walking to the cove through lush green fields

Being able to take myself away from the craziness in the city and on my never ending to do list helped me to clear my mind immensely. I strongly suggest exploring for a bit when you’re feeling overwhelmed. My energy shifted and I was able to remember why I came back to New Zealand and why I chose Auckland to study.

A sliver of heaven in Waiheke.

Now that O-Week is over, I’m ready to get down into business. I’m so looking forward to studying Social Work even though I already have two assignments due this month *eek* (and that’s only for one class). I’ll be talking more about the Social Work programme and accommodation in the coming weeks, so stay tuned. If you’ve got any questions or comments and such I’m down to have a chat. But for now that’s it for me, wish me luck as I start my first assignment