Hello everyone!


First week at uni and I’ve had more fun than a shark in a sushi shop. Why?

  • Beach party
  • Little black dress party
  • Pop Quiz
  • Cops and robbers stein
  • Karaoke
  • Toga party (which I didn’t get back till 6am :/).
  • Halls Day Out (Snags and inflatable games galore).
  • Plus 3 extra nights out hitting the town.
  • Yeah chur Reid we get it…you party.


GET INVOLVED IN EVERYTHING FOR HALLS O-WEEK. It’s the one week in your uni life where you won’t have the grind of uni papers cluttering your life. Use this as a chance to have fun and MEET NEW PEOPLE. Even if you are quite a shy person, remember everyone in your hall is in the same dinghy as you and it’s easy as saying G’day Maaate. If you’re willing to put yourself out there and find people that you can connect with then the rest of your year should be far improved by the network of friends you make in this very week.

Halls? I’m currently on floor 2 at the moment and everyone has gelled so well that we could be used in a barbershop. #upthe2. We’ve got a whole mixture of majors and personality types but we’ve got a comfortable atmosphere where everyone’s cool with being themselves. Ideal. (Btw, the guys in the video who I didn’t know aren’t actually on our floor! Not getting low key dementia or anything…)

I competed in the AUSA talent quest on Tuesday…and didn’t place. BUT I met Randall from The Edge and he’s offering me a place to audition in his boy band he’s creating! Stoked.

I’ve had a few lectures for my music papers and they have been more challenging than using a chair as a rugby ball! They’re making us write two songs by the end of the week which I’m finding tough but hopefully I’ll be able to pull through! Everyone in my music class is so talented which will hopefully be a one-stop shop to collab central. It’s been really interesting learning about what makes a hit song and soon I’ll be getting into the studio to start recording some stuff and putting it out to you beautiful people.

There’s been so much on I can’t remember what else to write about!  As I speak, we are gearing up to go to Marshmello and SACHI (one of my favourite artists). And yeah. Thank you very much for tuning into my blog and I hope you come in two weeks time to hear about the rollercoaster of First-time Uni!