Hello to all,

How were my holidays? Fantastic. Great to go back and spend┬ásome time with my family who are wilder than the weekend’s old haircut.

Not much to report on, have come back to Uni with the same routine happening. Music meant that I had to write two songs in which there were time signature changes and modal harmony. Think of modal harmony as a mattress without any springs, just a wee bit uncomfortable. But this is what they’re trying to get us to do in this degree, push us outside of any classic four chord palava that might spring up.

Auckland Industries

If you’re someone like me who wants to go far in the music/media world, then Auckland is a great place for this. Last week I went in to see 62 models who said they’d do some shots for me! (As long as I got facial reconstruction…), and I’m wanting to hand in my CV to TVNZ and Radio Hauraki in order to try and go far there.

Time Management

After being at home where my only concern was not burning the toast, I’ve come back into a whirlwind of activity. I’ve done some thinking over the break and it brings me back to what I’d like to call:

Reid’s University Survival┬áTip No.4

Yes have some curricular stuff to have some fun, but make sure you sit down get your priorities straight. If I’m going to be competing at the Olympics for karate, it’s no use spending my time learning how to make cardboard roses. OFC if you’ve got some spare time and you’ll think it’ll be great give it a smash, but make sure you’re not sacrificing things that are more important.

Ya Classic Auckwalk

No video this time, but if you’re in the area I highly recommend going and seeing the Rose Garden in Parnell. Gorgeous scenery.


Thanks for having a good reeeeead. I seriously need to get a proper video on Uni but I’ve been so busy. I will try and get some videos out there next week so we can have a bit more fun.

Ka pai,