Two weeks. Two weeks of lectures and we’re done for the semester. Only thing that remains is (besides my French test on Wednesday) exams *Crowd gasps*. It would be an understatement to say that I was freaking out. Exams in college were stressful, having to recall a years worth of content for a brief three hours that could determine whether you passed a class or got an endorsement. Looking back on it now they don’t seem to be as bad. When I think of my first round of university exams I think of it all in the holistic view, these exams contribute a percentage of my final grade for my courses. When I sit these exams it means that if I do well my overall mark for the class will be good, if I don’t my average falls and puts me in a bad position. My Law exam for example will be worth 100% of my final grade, this is because the 20% optional plussage test I sat I did pretty horrific in so I can’t rely on that to assist me in the final test. In NCEA I was always good at knocking out assignments to get really good marks and get my overall endorsement but whether I did well in exams was just an added bonus because I don’t test well. To have one of my exams be worth the entire grade with nothing else to rely on is absolutely daunting.

In all this exam mess that is going around at the moment (even when exams don’t start for another few weeks) I constantly have to remind myself to do one thing. Take a break. This has come in various forms. A couple of weeks back I decided I needed some air to feel like I had left the hall and the city so I walked to St Heliers from my hall (20km round trip), though this trip was long I ended up treating myself to a bomb ice cream from a store that sold Milse desserts. More recently it has taken the form of simply jamming on the piano in the music room in the hall and going out for brunch with some people from my floor and just chilling and enjoying each others company. In times of stress I am really trying to make an effort to get out of the hall and if possible the city. It’s not all bad though do not get me wrong. I am loving the whole Uni experience, the student life, the new city and the classes. Uni is definitely everything I expected/wanted and more BUT it can be overwhelming. Need to remind myself that I can only do so much here and as long as I try my hardest then I should be very happy with what I am producing workwise. The hall is just amazing, through being Vice President of the Residents Association I have had the pleasure of first wearing a carrot suit to our inter-residential Volleyball (as seen in previous posts).

THIS TIME, I kicked it up a notch and went all out for the Halls last inter-residential competition for the semester, Inter-res Football. The University Hall Hound finally made an appearance this year. It was an honour and a workout but I believe my efforts are to thank for the WIN. Yes, UniHall took out the trophy (not the first time this year might I add) for the football in a very scary, blood rushing, anxiety inducing penalty shoot out against O’Rorke. I am hoping that as the year progresses one might have the honour of wearing the suit more often but that is yet to be seen.

There isn’t much time left until everything starts to get a bit hectic so pray for me kids. Until next time,

Hakuna Matata.