Hi everyone, so here’s something a little bit different…So if you’ve read my bio, I mentioned something about picking up some weird hobbies at uni.

Well, this is it. Juggling isn’t inherently weird, it’s just something I don’t think a lot of people do when they’re feeling overwhelmed and need a break.

This may have been a bit of a mistake because me attempting to learn how to juggle turned out to be more stressful than it’s worth. See, I figured it would only take a few hours to get the hang of it, but here I am after days of perusing Youtube tutorials and I still can’t do it.

I don’t know if it’s something wrong with me. Like, sometimes I hang out with a friend of mine and he always wants to play pool for some reason. Well I suspect my hand-eye coordination is pretty terrible, because I am terrible at that game. If I can’t even poke a ball with a stick what hope do I have for my future, right?

Anyway the logical course of action for me is to do something way harder than pool, that is, tossing balls in the air and attempting to catch them and try not to injure myself doing it.

One might think, why am I wasting time trying to learn how to juggle? I’ll never be Peter Bier so why bother? There’s other stuff I could be doing, like working on 2 reports, 3 peer assessments, 2 group projects, 1 big assignment, and I think I have 3 tests as well???

Well my answer to that is if I’m gonna procrastinate I’m gonna procrastinate productively, and that means learning a new useless skill. Because when I get bored of actually doing work, I can just break out the juggling balls.

Oh, as to where I got these, I got them at the Engineering career expo a couple weeks ago. It’s really interesting talking to companies who are there to recruit interns… I’ve noticed that most of them are looking for software engineers, which is what I’m interested in, sooo that’s pretty cool. They also give out cool stuff like these juggling balls.

Okay, so back to how I manage my work, I’ve come to realize that I don’t procrastinate that badly. Like, usually I get an assignment I start on it immediately, (and I recommend you do this). Then I hit a wall, get frustrated and stop for a while. But by this time I’ve already done a good portion of it and can just come back to it later. How later is usually in a few hours or the next day. So I guess you could say deadlines aren’t really a thing for me, I just want to get it done as soon as possible so I don’t have to look at it again. And isn’t that a good feeling? I think more people should do this, so I’m just getting it out there.

So that’s my sagely advice. I hope you enjoyed this ramble about juggling and work and stuff. This was originally supposed to be a “vlog” with 4 minutes of me rambling while I “juggled”, but I cannot make my voice sound even remotely interesting!