Hey ho,

Here we are, now hitting the honey flavoured crunch that comes with the end of the semester and I’m more swamped than Shrek. 3 Assignments, 4 Tests and 2 Performances to cram into the next 3 weeks. It’s fair to say it’s time to fire up. By this I mean I’ve decided to reach:

Reid’s University Survival tip No.5

Have a diary and stick to the bloody thing. I did this diary scheme ages ago but I’m only starting to use it now and it’s made my life so much better. As you can see I’ve chucked Monday-Thursday as the dedication zone, where I focus completely on Uni. This then leaves the weekend for any assignments needing catching up on, grafting around for a gig or making sweet sweet…biscuits. Have a plan. Stick to it.


In the last week we had to write a song that had a melodic hook. And I chose to write a mildly raunchy funk bonanza. We now are on the task of writing a song that has four part harmony, as well as a song that contains an oxymoron.

Theory lads. Yeah so basically you have to learn theory as well which is not actually as boring as I thought it’d be.

Guitar practice. You have to practice either guitar or piano in this degree. I’m finding this quite difficult seeing as I’ve had no guitar training before! Spending lots of time tarantula’d around the neck of the beast.


People ask me if they should join the halls. Hell yes. Yes yes yes. Yes. Trust me. Quite a few of the music students are living at home, and they all wish they could experience a place filled to the brim with young people who you can pick and mix different personality types.

Jobs In Auckland

Talking to all the cronies, most people have jobs in retail or food service. My mate is the promoter of a nightclub and I was lucky to be employed as a bartender on a boat. How good! As a student in Auckland you’re certainly not quivering around trying to find employment. Literally walk in with a CV and say G’DAY MAAAAAATE.


There’s a gym that’s free for all people in halls of residence and I’ve been smashing out some gains, speed biking and even squash! Haven’t quite got on the ellipticals yet…but¬†it’s bound to happen ahaha.




Feat. Seth The Sith Smith and Theo Hot Wings Babe Socks.