Following from my last blog Relocate. Relax. Recalibrate I can report that SEMESTER TWO has begun!!! Strange. Feels so weird to think that we are already so far through the year but there are exciting times ahead.

Reflecting on my holiday I can say that it was a break much needed, the time at home gave me chance  to completely remove myself from the Uni scene and just enjoy being on holiday. I was grateful I got to catch up with some people. The weather in Wellington could have been greater but that is just Wellington for ya. Being able to properly slip into the uni scene and just living in Auckland has been great, seeing the friends that I had missed like crazy and getting back into our little routines of playing pool or just hanging out is really cool and refreshing.

In preparing for this semester I have decided to do a bit of shuffling of my classes, something that I never realised would be such a mission. I thought that it would be a straight forward process that would have just let me choose what I want but how I was wrong. I have decided to continue French but in order to do that I had to drop another one of my papers. I also chose to drop my general education paper due to hearing bad things from my friends about it and would much rather find something that would really interest me. But in doing this I found it almost impossible to find a class that fit with my timetable, and when one did it seemed to have closed the enrolment. Even now that I have finally chosen the class I want I need to try and move around one of my fortnightly tutorials. I am hoping that everything just works out because I just want to settle into Uni and have my timetable finalised and everything. Doing all of this though has made me really excited for the semester, just knowing that I have the power to choose what I want to learn and change things after I had come to the realisation that I really enjoyed some subjects and others not so much is really cool. Something that I suppose you can do when you’re in High School but the variety of courses is minimal in comparison to what is on offer at Uni.

Other exciting things going on at the moment, we are currently in Re-O Week so we have heaps of cool events and stuff going on at the uni and although we have classes a lot of them are just introductory lectures talking about what the course is going to comprise of so it is very chill. Another huge thing to happen to Auckland recently is MACCAS IS ON UBEREATS!!!! Ok now if you are living in any other region of New Zealand that isn’t Auckland then UberEats is not something you are able to enjoy (meaning waste too much money on). But not only here in the big city are we able to get good food delivered to us just by a touch of a button but now we get none other than MACCAS. I know this seems really lame but when you are a lazy student who just feels like some fatty food after a long day at uni, having someone bring you that Big mac rather than you having to go get it yourself is HEAVEN. Needless to say on the day Maccas was launched onto UberEats I would say a fairly large percentage of residents had parcels coming to their doors.

Hope everyone had a great break and is ready for the semester to come! Should be a good one!

Hakuna Matata