I can proudly say that I survived semester one. I’m not going to lie these past few months have been some of the best and worst times. Exams stretched out quite a bit in comparison to a lot of my friends so I found myself stuck studying for my remaining two exams whilst almost everyone at the hall had finished for good. I think it is safe to say that after all that I am glad to be done. Regardless of everything that happened last semester I am now back in my hometown of Upper Hutt and this time it’s a bit of a weird holiday.

Cheeky pool session.

I am glad to be removed from the hall scene and the big city life for a time but this holiday doesn’t feel the same as the last. This holiday marks the almost beginning of the end. Halfway through the year and now when I return to Auckland I will be counting down the days until the year finishes, big things like our hall ball and the Uni Open Day are coming up which are like milestones that remind you that this year will conclude sooner than you think. I miss all my friends from the hall and uni immensely and wish that I could be spending this holiday with them. After only half a year with them I can’t imagine life without them and I can’t fathom what the coming years are going to bring as we all head in different directions. Of course this experience in the hall means that I have made some life long friends but it’s not going to be the same not being able to just go down the hallway to your neighbour or to another floor to see all your friends.

These holidays everyone has definitely made more of an effort to see those friends from the hall that happen to live nearby, A couple times I have gone into Wellington and met one of my good friends who lives in Tawa. We meet there and go to a Pool room and play Pool for a couple of hours. I never thought I would conform to such a student stereotype of playing Pool but it’s a nice way of keeping a somewhat hall tradition alive. Also a group of us who live around the greater Wellington area are going to meet up before everyone goes back just as a cool way of seeing everyone who lives nearby.

Being at home is nice, having those good ole laughs with my siblings and my mother are definitely things I missed. Seeing my doggo Simba is always a highlight. Catching up with all my friends and seeing how different our lives have kind of panned out, doing things we didn’t necessarily think we would end up doing yet still able to come back and catch up just like high school days.  Also an exciting time as we are all preparing to go overseas. My brother and mum are travelling to the states to see family and my sister is going on a big OE to Europe and other places. I will be meeting her in Europe in the next mid semester break so I definitely have something to look forward to when I get back into uni life. Just enjoy the next six or seven weeks before I all of a sudden have to venture off. I know the time is going to go by so quickly but I am excited to see a different part of the world, not so excited to be that close to the end of the year.

Needless to say I am glad  I am on break but miss the hall life. Mainly the people who make that life worthwhile. I am excited to see what the rest of the year brings, scared  that the time will pass me too soon but that is all part of the adventure. I hope everyone on break is enjoying a well earned holiday, I can’t wait to get back to it (actually I think I can).

Until next time.

Hakuna Matata.