To make sure our team is performing at the best of our ability, the university has provided us with free gym memberships, as well as our own personal trainer.

Each of us met with the PT individually and completed a basic fitness test, and from this our PT was able to put together workout plans tailored to each individual based on their position in the boat, as well as our own personal fitness goals. The workout plans are made up of 3 different training sessions, and we are required to do all 3 in a week. One session targets upper body, another targets lower body and the third targets fitness endurance.

Whenever it is not safe to go out on the water and paddle, our team moves to the gym and our personal trainer takes us through some WOD’s and HIIT’s. Here are some quick snippets of us in the gym.



Go and check out Billy Bowman’s youtube page at for more videos of us in action.




First up we have…


Name: Nona Taute-Hohepa
Degree: Fourth year Civil Engineering
From: Rotorua, New Zealand
When did you start paddling?
I started paddling when I was 7 years old.
What do you hope to get out of the trip?
More experience and more shoes.





Next up we have…


Name: Vaoala Enesa
Degree: Fourth year civil Engineering
From: Papakura, Auckland.
When did you start paddling?
I started paddling in 2011 for Manurewa High School. I paddled up until I was year 13, and only started paddling again this year.
What do you expect to get out of the trip?
For this trip I expect to become a better individual. I am not familiar with endurance focussed sports and I feel that the long paddles are a real test of my mental strength and capabilities. Once you reach that point when you’ve been paddling continuously for so long, once you reach that certain distance, it comes down to mental toughness, and if I can apply the same mentality to everyday life, I WILL BECOME A BETTER PERSON.
As one of the newest members of the team, what’s it like to be a Floating Eagle?
As a new member of the Floating Eagles, I really enjoyed the team environment and atmosphere. Each member of the team including our coach all know how to have a laugh, but we all also know when to get serious. Also, we have a lot of experience in the team so it is easy to ask for advice and tips when needed!!



The third race we did was the 4th event in the AROCA Winter Series held on the 15th of July. We raced in the mens race that covered a course of 20km starting at Maraetai Beach and teams were to paddle around Brown’s Island and make their way back to Oahu Bay.

20km race couce


Seat 1: Billy, Seat 2: Josie

Our team completed the race with a time of 2:19:27 right behind Easy Does It Tu Tangi Ora who finished with a time of 2:18:37. Our seatings were very different for this race as we had 4 girls, and only 2 boys.

Our captain and steerer, Nona, was unable to make the race. Because of this Georgia had to take his place in seat 6 as she is also an experienced steerer, however because Georgia usually sits in 1 and sets the pace, we had to put Billy Bowman into 1 as he is the only other person with experience as a stroker. This meant that Vaoala was the only male sitting in the power house, and considering this was his first race, it was tough on him as he was the main source of power for the team, and it was also a new experience for him.

Seat 3: Jess, Seat 4: Vaoala, Seat 5: Sarah

The race was very tough on all members of the team. For the first part of the race from Maraetai to Browns Island, the boat was being thrown around because of a heavy side wind, and the team had to put a lot of effort into preventing the ama from flying up so we wouldn’t capsize. “That was probably the hardest race I’ve ever done. I remember my left shoulder feeling like it was going to pop out, as I was pretty much hanging out on the left for the whole 2 hours to try and keep the boat straight.” – Georgia Naera (Steerer). Overall it was a very good race that brought new elements to the team that they had not experienced before.

Stay tuned as we count down the next two weeks!