I’m back! Back in blog form and also back in the Big A after some well needed time away. The inter-semester break treated me like no other, but after a month of doing nothing, I feel more than ready to start doing something. So to honour the title of this blog, I thought I might just groove on into this and recap what my first week back at Uni has truly been like.

One thing that I feel I can say so far about second semester in first year Health Science, is how different it is in comparison to first semester. At the beginning of the year it feels like you’re being thrown right into the deep end – and to be honest, you kind of are. You have core papers coming out your ears, you’re trying to adjust to your new surroundings, there’s a huge change in the style of teaching… All in all, it’s hectic and comparable to the last episode of Riverdale.

Look at that beautiful timetable! #blessup

However like I’ve hopefully revealed throughout my blogs, you eventually adapt, refocus and get into a nice, yet somewhat crazy, routine, which makes normal living prior to Health Science, seem like a distant dream. Second semester on the other hand, is panning out to be so much … better! Biomed and Health Science have finally parted ways, in that we only have one paper in common, which is MedSci142 – the last paper of the mighty core-four. So in other words, my timetable is made up of mainly non-core papers, (which includes my general education paper – Maori130G #bonus) and as a result I have so much time outside of lectures, tutorials and Laboratories! I’m talking an average of two lectures a day – it’s as if second semester is the make-shift plaster used to mask the scab that was semester one. Not to mention that I’m finding these papers more interesting and more representative of what I thought a Health Science would be like.


Post-UMAT photo showing how happy we are that it’s over.

But anyways, enough of me praising the existence of Semester two – I feel like I should address the elephant in the blog… UMAT. I sat UMAT on Wednesday of last week, like many others around the country, and all I can say is… What the actual heck. Should I have studied more? Should I not have guessed so many of the puzzles? These are questions we’ll never know, and questions I refuse to think about. You’re in the Burn Book UMAT.


Photo of me up The Mount over the weekend!

After getting over the hump of hump day, life continued and once Friday came around me and my Boyfriend jumped on a bus and travelled down to Tauranga for the weekend. Our family rugby club had made it into the finals of the Bay of Plenty Bay Wide Rugby competition, which took place at The Mount – and I was more than happy to spend time with my family and watch my cousins run around on the rugby field. The end score wasn’t pretty, but the weekend as a whole was great fun and consisted of ten-pin bowling, walking up the mount and of course, super good food!

So if I had to rate my first week back at Uni, I’d definitely give it a solid eight. UMAT may have thrown a spanner in the works, but if I were to take my own advice and not dwell – semester two seems to be shaping up to be a good one!

Until next time my fellow bloggies xx

– Rebekah