What an amazingly corny blog title – ammiright? Blog gold at its best. As revealed so beautifully in the heading, today I thought I’d switch it up a bit and introduce the french to my fry, the chicken to my nugget, my Biomed compadre… Jakob! Jakob and I are both trying to tackle the monster that is pre-med, however I’m doing Health Science and he’s doing Biomed, we also happen to be in a relationship. (See how fitting that heading is!) So we put our heads together and decided to create a blog that answers a few questions you guys have given us and also a few questions we wish we had answered about relationships at Uni!

The first selfie we ever took together as friends! So cringe 😂  #yr12goals

Why did you guys choose the same pathway?
We both were set on achieving a career in the Medical field before we became good friends – we actually met on a camp at the UoA that was about supporting Maori secondary students into a career in health!  Individually we have our own personal reasons as to why we’re pursuing a place in Medicine, therefore neither of us is doing pre-med because of the other – we strong and independaant when it comes to our courses! (to some degree)
– Rebekah

My teacher said that many girls miss out on getting into professional courses because they support their boyfriend who is trying to get into the same/similar course – is this true?
For us, that’s definitely not the case. Our support for each other is very balanced and mutual, and I can confidently say that if I have an essay due the next day, which I haven’t completed my referencing for, I will happily avoid Jakob for the time being. (soz not soz) We support each other – but not to the extent that we’d sacrifice our chances of doing well! For some, there may be a risk of unequal support leading to someone jeopardising their grades, but at the end of the day, you’ve got to remind yourself of your own goals and your own reasons for being here! Not to mention $7000+ is a lot of money to pay,  just to hold baes hand through Uni – avoidable debt aint relo goals.
– Rebekah

First R&V together – I loved it, as you can tell.

Do you think relationships are a hassle when you’re trying to get into a competitive course?
In terms of our relationship and in my opinion it isn’t a hassle at all! Bekah and I have a reaaaally good support system going where she will benefit from my strengths and I from hers. We’re basically each others private tutor when it comes to working at things we suck at. I can see how it could be a hassle and I’d be lying if I said I haven’t thought about situations where only one of us gets in to Med, but when you’re working hard at something you love with someone you love, you don’t have time to worry about it .
– Jakob

Do you think it’s manageable to be in a relationship and find a good balance between sleep and study?
Balance is just a difficult concept for me in general, but in terms of Uni Life + a Relationship, I’d say it’s going pretty well. There are days where Jakob and I will procrastinate and watch Vines for an hour, and then there’s other times, mostly around tests and exams, where we’ll jump into a Study Pod at Uni Hall and pump out a solid three hours of study; balancing things at University is just a matter of knowing when to work and when to play – whether you’re in a relationship or not. All in all, it definitely is manageable, you just need to be disciplined when it comes to getting your A into G when it’s needed.
– Rebekah


The phase of matching shirts – such a classic 👕

Do you guys distract each other from your studies?
Sometimes we do, but for the amount of study we’re actually doing and how stressed we can get at times, it’s good to get a little distracted, chill out, and talk to someone about your day for a bit (or just laugh at some dank memes). When the time comes to knuckle down and do some hard study, then we both know to let the other do their thang. But if we’re studying together we’re in full on beast mode, that’s just the type of people we are I guess. It’s a good, natural and well needed balance.  
– Jakob

Is it hard to hold a relationship at University?
Being at University together and living in the same hall has caused some challenges for us – mostly because in the past, we had never spent this much time together! We live, eat and study together, and that’s something neither of us have experienced before. As a result of constant us-time, our heads do butt, which is expected considering we’re not only coming to know each other in a different way of living i.e University Survival Mode, but we’re also trying to grow and learn about life as individuals. However, date night in all the cool places around Auckland, having a constant study buddy, and being with someone from home are just a few benefits of our relationship that outweigh any challenges we may have.|
– Rebekah

First Ball together – looking bangin’!

Are you sad that you don’t get to experience ‘the fun and single life’ of University?
Nope not at all! In my opinion I’m not missing out on much and I’ve never been the fun and single type of person anyway. I’d much rather be comfortable in my room with Bekah eating chocolate and watching movies (on our off days of course 😉 ). And for me I’m not here for that kind of stuff aswell, I have goals that I want to achieve – and being single and ready to mingle isn’t one of them. However,  I’m not here to tell you what you should do, if that’s what you want then go hard! The single University life looks like a lot of fun and I have mates here having a great time, but for Bekah and I, we’re happy and lucky to be sharing this new and exciting experience together, in our own fun ways.
– Jakob








Until next time my fellow bloggies! xx

– Rebekah