Stressed. Stressed. Stressed.

This single word thrums against my skull over and over again as I try and study. Some would say that this is a telling sign of a headache. My pretentious, overworked ass, on the other hand, has convinced itself that it is the universe’s way of taunting me.

You see, in times of great trouble, it always tends to feel like the whole world is out to get you. God sure knows, I’m beginning to feel like that. It’s as if this pain acts as a constant reminder of all the work I have yet to complete. No matter how hard I try, nothing feels quite enough.

In my quest to better understand what exactly it is that I am feeling, I turned towards Google and discovered that the word stress derives itself from the Latin word strictus which means to “draw tight”.

How apt.

I’m strung up mentally, physically, emotionally. Finals are fast approaching and despite the countless hours spent studying, I cannot confidently say that I feel prepared.

Initially, I had been convinced that isolating myself was the best option. I thought that if I was devoid of distractions, such as going out and hanging with friends, I’d feel as if I was being more productive with my time. Instead, I just ended up feeling more alone and dejected than ever before.

Remembering to take a break every now and then actually proved more beneficial. You don’t have to constantly be on the grind to feel as though  you are making progress. On the contrary, this could make you burn out rather quickly.

I keep reminding myself that the feelings I’m going through right now aren’t forever but rather, a consequence of right now. In a month, when finals are over, none of this will matter. It’s all about perspective and maintaining the right one.

So take a deep breath. Let it out slowly. Remember: it’ll all be okay.

“Nothing lasts forever” – Sidney Sheldon