I don’t know how but we’ve already made it to week 5 of this semester. This means we only have one week left until our Mid-Semester break and not long at all until the end of the year… Well isn’t that just scary? So much to do in such little time. The weeks just seem to be flying past us and we don’t really have a moment to catch our breath. Being near the holidays too means that assignments and tests are more common, if you are as lucky as me you might even have three tests all on the last day of the term… Love my life *tears drip onto laptop keyboard*

Ball time

It’s not all bad, it has been quite an exciting time actually. We recently had our Hall ball which was an awesome time. Definitely felt a bit like I was back at High School, getting dressed up in our suits and dresses, taking far too many photos but it was a lot of fun. We had ours at this venue on the Viaduct which had awesome views of the waterfront, had an awesome time with my friends, laughing, dancing (like a boss) and singing along. Definitely a highlight of my year in the hall, this among many things that go on in the hall so I do say to any that is considering going into a hall that it will be the best decision of your life. The people you meet become family, the experiences are shaping and the memories made are everlasting.

My study set up is on point.

The study has definitely picked up, I have found myself making use of the halls study spaces a lot more this semester in my attempts to really stay on top of things. This semester I have actually found it harder to keep on top of my readings and things for class, a bit of it is the readings seem to be longer and a bit more of a drag then they were last semester. I had to play a bit of catch up with my law readings because I skipped one quite large reading and then found myself quite behind so the page count for the next classes was just massive. That alongside highlighting and making notes in my casebook meant that although it may only have been an extra 10 or so pages, the time it would take to get through them and analyse them like I would any of the readings was going to be greater. Although this week I decided I wanted to get away from the hall and the city for a couple of hours so I went to my aunties place and made use of their spa and gave some loving to their dog. I was productive there though because whilst I was enjoying the spa I read my chapters for one of my places so I think I really made the most of my time away from the Uni scene whilst still being productive. Killing two birds with one stone so they say.

Bad news, Game of Thrones season 7 is almost over *audience gasps*. ALSO I am unfortunately unwell *audience awwwwss for Cal*. With all that is going on I think most people are at least feeling quite tired if not a little bit sick which is all just part of the fun and games of Uni life. To make matters worse just when I thought I was coming right, I have discovered (much to my friends enjoyment) that I have lost my precious voice. Now being the chatter box and social butterfly that I am, I am going to find this ‘silence’ concept quite a difficult one, so if you could extend your thoughts my way that would be just grand. With me being unwell and just feeling quite run down I have noticed that my attendance at lectures has… Slipped just a tad. Now I have been catching up on the lectures with the lecture recordings but one piece of advice from your learned colleague, don’t miss too many lectures because the motivation to catch up on those lectures seems to goes the moment you decide not to turn up. I can manage to catch up on the odd lecture and sometimes I do have to watch a lecture recording of a lecture I was at but my attention wasn’t the greatest. Just remember that normally lectures go on for about 50mins. So every time you miss one, the catch up time gets significantly bigger.

Good news, I went to the Auckland Law Revue. So good, a night full of laughs, music and skits. It was a great time. Pretty much the Revue is a show that faculties put on. My friends and I being first year law students just wanted to check it out and see what it was about and we were blown away! It has definitely pushed me to work harder in order to get into Law part 2 and maybe next year I will see if I can be in it myself. Other more important good news… next week is the Uni COURSES AND CAREERS OPEN DAY!!! As someone who last year made the trip to the big city to check out the uni and all it had to offer I can’t stress enough how amazing the uni open day is. Not only do you get to check out the campus and talk to people about your potential degrees but you can sit in lectures that will give you a taste of what those degrees might be like, you get a TONNE of FREE STUFF (I still have free pens from when I came) so worth it in my books, and also if you want you can check out the Halls of Residences. As someone who wasn’t originally intending on moving into a hall but after coming to the open day and checking them out and then falling in love, I think physically coming in and looking at what the halls could offer you is a great idea even if it’s only something you are kind of considering, at least you will be able to see  what the halls can provide for you and get a sneak peek at how people like myself live.

As always it has been a pleasure writing to you. Bless you heaps and I hope you have a great week.

Hakuna Matata.