Thanks to everyone who came and met us at Courses and Careers Day last week! I really enjoyed answering all your questions, and talking to a few of you guys after! I hope you all got a feel for what you guys want to delve into in the years to come (and I hope that includes coming to Auckland Uni!). Mid-sem break has been filled with great stories to tell 🙂 but also coming to terms with the realization that the majority of the year has gone by 🙁

Helium balloon from Courses & Careers Day!

STORYTIME: We saved a life!

I was walking to the gym (and finally making use of that free halls membership 😉 ) when I noticed a helpless baby bird sitting complacently in the middle of the path among the trampling herds of uni students, businessmen, and city-goers making their way down Symonds Street. Super Sonna knew she had to step in, so we rescued this magnificent creature back to the safe home of O’Rorke (where it somehow learnt to fly?!) – Watch the video of us releasing it below!

I forgive you for poopin’ in my jacket <3



STORYTIME: I ended up in Hospital!

I had been in and out of Auckland Hospital visiting my grandma after her surgery and taking on the role of both loving granddaughter and terrible translator (my grandma doesn’t speak very good English). There was one point right after her surgery (while she was super high on the drugs) where she thought that she was actually in the hospital looking after me! (bless her soul). Until that sorta…actually happened…Never would I have though my first trip to the Emergency Department, in my entire life, would be from one floor of the hospital to another! Long story short; I had been staying overnight at the hospital with my grandma when I woke up feelin’ kinda funny but felt fine soon after. However, the nurses insisted I take a visit to E.D just to make sure, where I was quickly looked after and discharged by a wonderful team of nurses and doctors (working at 3am!). I’m not really sure where I’m going with this…but staying in the hospital as both a visitor and a patient was eye-opening and relevant to biomed…I could already tell from my times in the ward and E.D that being a doctor isn’t glamorous, it’s a career of life-long learning, hard-work and dedication.

Ward views from Auckland Hospital


There’s three parts to our application for MBChB (Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery): Our core GPA (60%), UMAT (15%) and Interview (25%). The four core papers are the ones that are common to both biomed and healthsci first year, which are: biosci107, chem110, poplhlth111, and medsci142. The other non-core papers in biomed (biosci101, biosci106, phys160, gen-ed) only contribute to your overall GPA (not your core GPA), so as you can tell, some papers are much more important than others… 😛 UMAT results also came out a few days ago, but I’m trying not to dwell on the results too much and channel my focus into medsci142, our last core paper (the first three were all in Sem One which was deadly) and in the near future, the interviews, which are at the end of the year after our Sem Two exams.

Looking back on how far we’ve come! Ft. an amazingly decorated pod at O’Rorke

It’s weird to think that already ¾ of the uni year has gone and so have nearly ¾ of our med applications. We’ve all already made it this far which is a feat in itself…so surely we can tough it out for the last couple months. In the midst of the cycle of procrastinating, falling behind and cramming, it’s hard to completely relax (even during break!) when you’re doing a competitive course. In fact, our first test for medsci142 is lurking the first day back after the mid-sem break. Tonight, we ordered some pizza to fuel a late-night study sesh…and the message on the box couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. Not only it was it so fitting to our lives at this stage, but I’m sure to many other first-years too.

“The path to paradise begins in hell”.